Road to 2008: Cockysprinter's 04/05

ok here it is, i start my 04/05 training tomorrow. all that planning and thinking and researching and stuff is coming out. some facts about me:
height: 5’9" (maybe 10)
weight: 150 lbs
training age: 6 seasons (one semi serious half year plan)
60m: 7.70 FAT
60mH: 9.37 FAT
100: 11.6 ht, 11.93 FAT
110HH: 15.7 ht
200: 24.8 ht
300mH: 41.99 FAT
400: 58.21 FAT

indoor goals:
60: 7.60 FAT
60H: 9.20 FAT
200: 24.60 FAT
300: no clue… give me a goal
400: 56.00 FAT

ive provided FAT times where i was able to get them. i only ran one 100m race FAT, and some real bad ones in the 110HH (like 17.0, i ignore them because they werent even close to what i could do). FAT isnt common in high school up here except at the county championships and above, but all indoor meets are FAT so thats where ill see what i need to see. questions and comments are always welcome. and based off my 300mH time could someone give me an example of what i should be able to run in the 300m open? ive never ran that race before. alright im excited :smiley:

I see you are under estimating your self with these goals. I’m way faster than you but at the same time I achieve better improvment junks from year to year. So you gotta be thinking more. And good luck

I think you can run 38-39 off a 41.99 FAT 300mh. To run 38 you have to pass 200m. in 25, so your 200m. PB seems slow. You should be aiming higher with your 200m., your goal seems slow, with a solid GPP you should be aiming for under 24 in 200. Your 60 will probably also get better by more then just a tenth!

well i chose low goals so that i wouldnt be disappointed if i dont meet them. and they were mainly first meet goals. do you think i should arrange them more like this?

indoor goals:
60: 7.40 (or 7.50?) FAT
60H: 8.90 FAT
200: <24.00 FAT
300: <38.00 FAT
400: <56.00 FAT

also im not entirely sure ill run the 200 or higher indoor, but i might. the one time i ran the 200 during the season was about 5 minutes after i ran the 300 hurdles, so im pretty sure im not THAT slow. im primarily a 100/110 guy so if i do 200 or higher indoors itll mainly be for an SE session of some sort. but i also have high outdoor goals, 14.2 in the 110, 11.0 in the 100, and 38.7 in the 300. i want a school record! :smiley:

I wouldn’t get too hung up on goals. I’ve found that for young people like you and me, performance improvements are very unpredictable, to the point where goal setting becomes virtually impossible. Focus on process goals, like making a solid plan and commiting to it 100 %, then no matter what happens you will attain the best times that you’re capable of achieving. You should still have number goals, but use them more as a guideline than a number that absolutely must be achieved.

ill keep that in mind alex. as for todays training:

September 13, 2004
10x15paces from belly
2x10 clap pushups
super wide squat: 5@45, 5@45, 5@45, 5@65, 5@65
wide bench: 5@45, 5@65, 5@65, 5@65, 5@65
upright row: 5@15, 5@20, 5@25, 5@30, 5@35
2x10 squat jumps

alright first day went pretty well. the only problem is i felt a little slow on the sprints. there could be a number of reasons for that, however, as it was windy, i was wearing a lot of gear, and i was on grass. also my strength is down substantially im sure. in the words of a poster on another forum, ‘i am so weak i should be euthanized.’ just kidding. i get my squat rack tomorrow so ill no longer have to clean everything for all my exercises. i can start liting a lot heavier. i can feel it now…once i get strong ill be the fastest person to grace a track EVA EVA EVA!!!

September 14, 2004
i meant to do some tempo and circuits…but yeah. i need to work on doing my low intensity work. i wish school would start so id have PE! anyways i did freight today so it was kind of an active recovery. i wish i had got more blood flowing into my lower body though.

September 15, 2004
im not sure exactly what i expected from this workout, certainly not puking. it was my fault though, stuffing myself on sweet and sour chicken then running my most physically tiring workout of the week. oops. i need to clean up my diet, im experimenting with oils again tomorrow to see if i can make food that actually TASTES GOOD.

September 16, 2004
nothing again today. there was a lot of drama and i had to help a friend and i was too stressed to do a workout before bed.

Sepember 17, 2004
10x short hills
2x10 clap pushups
narrow bench: 8@45, 5@65, 5@95, 5@115, 5@135
wide pullups: 3 or 4 sets of 5
front squat: 5@45, 5@65

the drama from the day before continued and i stopped my workout before i could finish it. so basically this week was a bit of a failure. i hit all my high intensity workouts, but didnt finish them all, and didnt do any recovery workouts. will work on that next week.

Septmeber 20, 2004
10x10yds from belly
2x10 clap pushups
wide bench: 5@45, 5@65, 5@95, 5@115, 5@135
upright row: 5@15, 5@25, 5@35, 5@45, 5@55
squat: 5@45, 5@65, 5@95, 5@115, 5@135 (first two sets were ultra wide)

ok this was a BIT better. i had a friend with me which was cool. hes not really close to my speed though, which isnt cool. but anyways. i didnt take the time to do my squat jumps cuz i had to get my friend home and it was 11:30 and my girlfriend was kinda pissed cuz i worked til 9 and tried to make time for my workout. i almost got a ticket too :eek:. that was scary. anyways, things are getting better. ill have a workout planned for tomorrow too, unlike last week.

September 21, 2004
this didnt go as planned…

September 22, 2004
my brilliant self stayed up all night…bad move…

September 23, 2004

September 24, 2004
2x10 clap pushups
narrow bench: 5@45, 5@65, 5@95, 5@115, 5@135
wide pullups: 5, 5, 4
front squat: 5@45, 5@65, 5@95, 5@115, 5@115
2x10 jump squats

good day, i completed my workout (sadness) and i felt strong on my hills.

September 27, 2004
10x 15yds from belly
2x10 clap pushups
misplaced the weights info…

this was a good day too. i went to sammamish with my friend and we ran in front of the JV football team. i hate how schools actually use their fields, wtf. anyways i think i beat him almost everytime, i probably came up slow on a few of them. im starting to hope hell get faster so i get more incentive.