Road Cycling

Does anyone know of any cycling websites where I can learn more about cycling training. I’m taking up recreational road-biking. It’s a lot of fun, and I can go 2:00 800m pace with ease :smiley:

Also if you have any advice on cycling training that’d be greatly appreciated. What I’m doing now is basically farting around for 30-50 minutes at a time, except during the evenings where I sprint back to my dorm from my work (2 miles) and that’s really fun.

I’ll ask one of the guys from work tomorrow, he is a recent national rep and involved in coaching.

You could ask specific questions here. I actively coach and continue to race. There are quite a few knowledgeable people here who have info beyond track sprinting.
Pez always has some good info, up to date
This one is good for fit advice along with training info.

Here is what he said
[i] and or have info on basics and getting started in cycling.

As for training guides there aren’t many I could recommend as they are mostly for people who have been riding for a while. [/i]

Alright that’s fine, I’m pretty sure I can put something together for myself, as far as a leasiurely training regime is concerned. Thanks much for the input John. I’ll check out those sights and get back to you :smiley:

Amos once i learn a bit more I’ll have some specific questions to ask, but I will also check out those sites.

I’m just really glad we’ve got some cool people here at Makes life a whole lot easier :smiley:

I am sure you can put together a decent programme.

My one thought is the technical stuff on cycling, learn and get help with that.

Technical help might be a problem. I’ll have to reach out to a bike club here in Sacramento to get some help with the technical issues. From reading a couple articles, I’ve been able to determine that my seat (already higher than I’m used to having my bike’s seats), is about 3cm shorter than it should be. But I’m starting to put on some casual miles (2-3 hours of riding per week, including my commutes.)