Rio men's 200m

Semi 1: lemaitre in there with SB, Merritt in there with 19.9x

Semi 2: bolt in there with 19.7x, degrasse in there with 19.80 national record/PR. Shit remember when we were talking earlier in the season he(degrasse) has that technique that sucks up the other sprinters, well we first heard someone on track shark forums key those phrases with respect to Tyson gay back in his Arkansas days. That was for the 100 they were talking about. When we were talking about degrasse those phrases now apply for both the 100m and 200m, as he was sucking up a shutting down 19.79 bolt

degrasse broke the canadian record



Semi 3: Alonso and churandy both enter all up in ‘BRAZIL’(street fighter voice)

Looks like Bolt, De Grasse, then a tossup for third? Anybody left in the field could get that third spot.

bolt degrasse merrit.
DId drake aka andre waist enegry running up on bolt like that?
Its amazing how bolts fitness got there so quite in a few weeks after injury

In my judgement, 100% yes. Foolish decision to unnecessarily press like that to have games with Bolt whereas he could have cruised for second place.

Rookie mistake to look around and take his foot off the gas given the bodies around him. Granted he said his ankle was a factor, however, if he runs through the line I believe he automatically qualifies for the final.

Yea i agree, if he was already next to bolt then sure smile and joke, but to press all the way to 180 to catch bolt to smile? Dumb move. bolt shut it down at 140-150, while andre wide open.

Andre better watch out for merrit

I have a feeling he didnt want to make the 200 final, cause with the ankle and all the fire that would be in the final, He would be hard pressed to medal. Plus he can rest up get therapy for the 4x100

You might be correct because in his post race interview with Lewis Johnson he hardly seemed disappointed, almost unaffected by failure to qualify. Either that or he’s a convincing actor.

Hey James! Been a long time!

I missed the interview because I was watching the stream but I believe him based on what I’m hearing. He still looked good in round 1 and based on his performances this season he was still in a position to medal. I’m calling Bolt 19.4 in finals with De Grasse another PR for Silver. I guess Merritt in 3rd but could he be tired and have Lemitre come up for 3rd?

Hello QUIKAZHELL, I think you’ve proposed a reasonable outcome, though I’m uncertain about what Bolt’s time will be. In his interview with Lewis Johnson after the semi final, Lewis asked him about going sub 19/breaking his record and Bolt said (I’m summarizing) that he didn’t think it was likely given how he feels and the conditions. That said, based upon him cruising sub 19.8 in the semi, there’s relatively nothing that could surprise me about Bolt.

I’ll be on a plane when the 200m final goes down so it looks like I’ll be getting in-flight internet to watch it live along with the rest of the evenings events.

Degrasse for silver or gold in 19.49-19.59

lmao…wishful thinking, better hope he didnt blow his load chasing down bolt in the semi. I have him for silver, but I wouldnt be surprised to see him fade to third after poking the bear (bolt)

YOu should place a bet on your gold medal winning degrasse…if you really think he can do it.

My prediction:
Bolt 19.6
DeGrasse 19.8
Merrit 19.9

This 19.49-19.59 range for degrasses, It is based off his NCAA windy Eugene 200(neural imprints), it is my view, this is all. ciao lol

Finals 200m:
lane2 gemili(always burning the first 120 bend anywhere) it seems he could still rig up a 19.9x out of that lane.

Lane 5 merritt(seems to always have deadly endurance lymphatic flow to all his toes to stay high up on em), I see him being pulled to a 19.6x between bolt n degrasse.

Lane 7 lemaitre(seems to be generating great force off his arm based stride length cuing/flailed action), I see him in 19.8x, so long as his arm action remains rhythmn based within his great stride length parameters

The bolt 100m semi was his longest strides ever for the last 40-45m of all his major champs semi runs. he almost covered it the full 100m in 40 steps. Stride/step 40 must have landed around 98.6x-99.0x metre area on the track, thus the frequency from step 29-40 was only 0.25sec. frequency. I believe all his last 40m semi final shutdowns/float ins were still closer to his 9step/2sec frequency. To me this means hes maybe more prepped to run a long striding 200m in 79steps where he doesnt fade to a 'close to 0.3sec. frequency over last 15-20strides. The result a 2012 type 200m but faster than 19.30, so ling as he doesnt feel his back going out while running the last part of bend, as thats how he said he could feel his back in the post race interview of 2012 OG 200m fibal.

I’m predicting two guys under 19

…ok i’m just kidding. but it would be awesome