Richo's Road to Track & Field

I have the exact same thread at another board, but since everyone here does track and field (while mostly everyone at the other board are bodybuilders) i thought i would do alot of my journal logging etc here.

Now, i must note. My journal is a journal of thoughts, views, dreams, goals, training, maybe some dieting, any special events etc. So there will be maybe 1-2 posts by me in my journal daily. And not alot of it to do with actual training (at least one post a day bout training).

I just do a lot of posting in my journal to keep a record of what i have done, what i was thinking etc so in the future, i can look back and see how i was, how i looked and what i thought.

I also add alot of pics to my thread. whether its my physique for future comparing, me training or of any equipment i use (eg, spikes).

So now thats taken care off, shall we continue?

This journal is going to be my life basically. Just all my training and goals and thoughts, and gains in body image, time, lifts and my dreams.

This journal will be my main source of motivation, to make sure this one lasts longer than all my other journals lol

If anyone wants to post anything, feel free. It is a good source of motivation and it helps alot knowing people are supporting. But if you don’t have the time or energy, that is fine.

Anyway, lets kick this off like a dead elephant’s head…

This is bascially my starting physique for my training. I am hoping to gain some size before October.

1/ Front
2/ Back
3/ Quadriceps I

The last pic of my legs and a couple “cool” poses i did to help compare throughout training

4/ Quadriceps II
5/ Pose I
6/ Pose III

Spikes Tested

I tested out my new Asics Hyper Speed Spikes, which i purchased yesterday, today.

I tell you, i never felt quicker. I didn’t take down a stopwatch to time any runs, nor did i do excact measurements of sprints, but i approx did 200m, 100m and a 50m sprint. And i think i might of beaten a personal best with these spikes. But hard to say with no timing or distance measurement. just by heart.

Below is a couple pics of my spikes.

Still Trying to Put Together a Sprint Program

I’m still waiting for some replies at and to help put together a sprint program. But sadly no one has replied yet. And i’m trying to look around the website but i can’t find anything useful yet.

If anyone is reading this and does know anything about 100m, 200m and Long Jump training, i would be grateful if you post it in this thread or in a new thread i might make. Even if it a link to a website.

A Few Thoughts

  • I’m really getting keen to start taking my Track & Field seriously now. Even though i am 3-4 years later than most people, I am still determined to drop my time down.
  • I’m going to talk with my dad over the next fortnight and start to get some food in the house to benefit me and help me pack on some size.
  • I know there are alot of people thinking i should not worry about training Track & Field yet, and i should focus on gaining some size first. Well i am open up to ideas and views.

Still Trying to Put Together a Program

this task is alot more difficult than i first thought. I thought i could just slap a couple of simple weights workouts, a couple days of sprinting and thats it. but it seems harder than that. i have to tAKE into account of explosive strength, plyometrics, sprinting, times to do everything, rest days etc etc.

Eager to Improve

i’ve been reading articles about sprinting, from mechanics to ways to improve starts, and this has risin my level to train and lower my time.

right now as i am typing, i am dying, i just want to throw my spikes on and just run. but i have to just be patient and make sure i get everything together, as i don’t want to rush things and end up ruining some time or something

Fitness Assessment

Right now i am in a middle of a Business Studies Assessment, but during my break i will devise up a fitness assessment for my training. And conduct it over the following two days.

Given Names:


100m Personal Best:


200m Personal Best:


Long Jump Personal Best:


Free-weight 55kg Squat Rep Max:
Powerclean 1RM:
Deadlift 3RM:
Squat 1RM:

Vertical Leap:
Standing Long Jump:

Benchpress 1RM:
Standing Push-press 1RM:
Barbell Row 1RM:

30m Sprint Time:
50m Sprint Time:
80m Sprint Time:

as of:

Surename: Richardson
Given Names: Anthony Victor John
D.O.B: 22/04/88

Height: Unsure, checking tomorrow at School
Weight: 50kg
BMI: -

100m Personal Best: 13.27sec
at: School Athletics Carnival, 2006

200m Personal Best: Not Sure, once again, checking tomorrow
at: -

Long Jump Personal Best: 5.06m
at: School Athletics Carnival, 2006

Free-weight 55kg Squat Rep Max: 10 reps
Powerclean 1RM: 35kg
Deadlift 1RM: 75kg
Squat 1RM: 75kg (approx)

Vertical Leap: 57cm
Standing Long Jump: 2.24m

Benchpress 1RM: 42.25kg
Barbell Row 1RM: 45kg

30m Sprint Time: 5.62sec

as of: May 14th, 2006

Did you say your 30m time was 4.9x by looking at it on the computer? 5.62 seems a little slow for someone who can run 13.x? Nice long jump btw!

Atleast now you know what you have to work with… :smiley:

about the computer timing ok. i set the clip up so when i start running, time gets recorded, and when i crossed the line, it ended up being 4.92. now i know thats a stupid idea, and the reason i put up 5.62 is because thats what was done outside but my brother could of f**ked up somewhere. so i don’t know which one to use…

thanks for the long jump comment

and your right, i know wat i have to work on, that is why i enjoy doing assessments so i know weak points

Well, it seems like you really want to improve, yet you are kind of lost as to where to start. To be honest, I’ve been exactly where you were, and I can tell you right now it will take a lot of work and dedication to get to where you want to be.

Right now, looking at your numbers you need to do two things before you even think about working on sprinting/starting mechanics. You need to increase your limit strength big time and you need to add muscle onto your frame. Luckily for you, those two goals can often be achieved in conjunction with each other becuase the old catchphrase often holds true if you train correctly: “a bigger muscle is a stronger muscle.”

So before I go on and write the War and Peace of forum posts, let me ask you some questions first.
How much time per week and per day do you have to commit to training?
What access do you have as far as weight room facilities go (this will be instrumental)?
Specifically, what do you want to accomplish with your training? Don’t be bashful or vague here. Make some concrete statements. If you want to increase your bench by 20kgs, say it. You want to look like Brad Pitt in Fight Club, then say it. Here’s your chance to get everything down, and then once you see what you want to do in particular you can work your training around that.

One more thing, as far as no access to an actual track, that is not a problem. For a beginner such as yourself, that may actually be an advantage. I trained on solely on grass for a period of about three months, and let me tell you it prevents a lot of the overuse injuries often associated with sprinting and running on a track. Just put those spikes on and run out there on a level grass field free of bumps or ditches and you’re golden.

Days per week to train - 7 days a week
Access to gym equipment - home gym, includes bench, free-weights, lat-pull-down, dummbbells, and a modified squat rack
Accomplish with training - a lowered sprinting time, i’m not entirely sure but i want to get down to low 12s atm, maybe even break into 11s. i want to add mass to my body, mainly in the legs probably. but i just want to train to improve my sprinting and jumping. but i also want that ‘sprinters look’

HI Richo,

fo ryou it might be wise to work with a relativbe long GPP phase, to get used to work your body specifically. And for the future be stromger so you are less prone to injury.
I’d start out with a 4 days workout, then in a few weeks get to 5.
If yu are just starting out, a 2 days rest per week is great for recovery, massage treatment etc. Don’t over do things when you start, it will destroy you and that would be a shame.
if working 4 days a week i’d advise to start with 1x speed, 3x tempo/circuit workout for generals conditioning. then later, when your stroinmger and fittter go to 21xspeed 1x speedendurance and 2x tempo/conditioning programm. use rest days for recovery ir do something nice. This way you will be eager every workout and you’ll be motivated for a longer period.

Pindaman, I agree that it would be good to start out at 4x per week and then move up to 5 after a period of time, but what’s wrong with an initial 2x speed and 2x tempo/conditioning? I know he needs fitness and to up those levels for sure, but in the end he wants to be fast. Besides, in GPP the speed workouts often have a greater degree of fitness involved than during SPP and he can add medball throws and the like to round out his conditioning even on speed days. Also, it really is the end of outdoor season right now, which I don’t think he’s training for anyways, so speed endurance would be waaaay down the line for him.

Richo, Right now, it looks like getting acceleration into place would be the top priority for you running-wise and to increase limit strength would be the top priority in the weight room. Those two goals are complementary, as an increase in limit strength results in a crossover effect that will see a drop in your short speed times that involve mostly the ability to accelerate.

Do you have access to some kind of hill in your area, preferably on grass but it doesnt have to be. The incline shouldnt be mild to moderate, and it shouldnt be too hard to feel like you’re running fast up it. Ideal length would be at least 40m and anything more than that is just cake. You got one of those?

today i start training and i’m excited, can’t wait till this afternoon

umm just for the record, i am not unfit at all. i am in pretty good shape as i have been playuing football and such. i’m fit all year round. i am also well-conditioned and such in my view

mister c, i do not have access to any type of hill sadly.

and i am treating the next 5 months as track pre-season, cos in 5 months, that when i will be coached and probably start competiting

Well, you can make do without that then, I know I did for the longest time, it’ll just make things a but different, that’s all.

Since you describe yourself as in shape, what have done for training thus far? How long have you been training?

ok my training background

i’ve played aussie rules for 3 seasons, two of each i was on the ball which require endurance, so i did alot of endurance work.

i have been lifting weights for almost 2 years now, going through strength phases, isolating phases etc etc

umm i also competed in a team triathlon where i was the runner, so i did a month of training for that, endurance

last year, i did a tiny bit of doing speed work, maybe a month, not even that.

and also i am active constantly throughout the day. such as at recess and lunch time i play sports, not competivtely (sp), just with my mates such as basketball, football, hockey, volleyball etc etc

and last year, throughout the entire year basically i would do 5km runs and such just to stay fit and healthly

Hi Mr C,
within the general conditioning he can do some buildup runs.
You know that speed work is really taxing on the system. and if you start training it’s better to be on the safe side(my opinion).
its only for a few weeks (4-6). So his body can adapt to working out on a regular bais and besides. med ball work and conditioning wil make him faster also, because of better fitness coordination etc. This way het can do better speed sessions after the 4-6 weeks pre-gpp time.

Accerlation Training

Set 1 - 2x10m . 2x20m . 2x30m
Set 2 - 2x10m . 2x20m . 2x30m


  • Today, nothing was timed. Today was mainly focused on improving my form.
  • With the above in mind, my form was a bit better, at the expense of speed. but i am planning on increasing my speed as my form gets better.
  • Overall, not a bad starting workout. in the up and coming weeks i will start timing and actually measuring out the distances instead of just using my steps to count (i know, but today was mainly form focused).


  • Record in a couple weeks another 30m video, and have my form perfect so i don’t feel embarssed (sp) showing it.

I checked with the sports coordinator at school about my times and my PB’s are as followed…

100m - 12.97secs
200m - 27.13secs

If think you would agree 12.97 is a big difference from 13.27secs. So i guess i am in the 12s, so i won’t get down to low 12s then for a start.

And i don’t know a good 200m time. was that a good time for 200m? i mean, considering my amount of training, build, etc