Richo's Results

Well todays the day, however i have not competed yet, i am merely awake at 6:50am typing on this forum because i am excitied and nervous.

My events are:

Long Jump
Triple Jump

I best be going, goodluck to myself, and i will post results when i get back this afternoon

What can i say, except what a day.

When we left corowa at 8:45am, it was -7 degress celuis, which is really cold. when we got to albury, it was still -5, so the cold has a huge factor for motivation and muscular stiffness and such.

my first event was Triple Jump, however our team arrived late, and i missed out on competing in it. The guys were jumping 10m something, and i was a bit cut because i could jump 10m and i did not try it before, but oh well.

after that, i had to wait a couple hours for the 100m sprint to happen, which was shecduled for 11:00am, but was running late. So for the 1hr and a half break, alot was warming up and stretching.

Now the main event so far for my day was the 100m. It was only 1 heat, 8 sprinters. Blocks had to be used, and i had no experience with them but it didn’t worry me. First go there was a false start, but not by me.

The actual race was not bad. I felt fairly quick, and i am sure i bet my old pb of 12.97sec, but i do not know for sure as our times will be posted to our school later on. So my times are not known yet.

I came 6th out of the race, so i was fairly happy. I knew i wouldn’t be able to beat the other guys, but i didn’t worry about that. i was more worried about beating myself and improving.

Next was the call-up for 200m. however, i did not attend it mainly due to preparing for the long jump. but i was not very concerned with it.

Now Long Jump, i was the happiest with. There was 4 jumpers, one was a good mate of mine, and i bet him by 2cm at our school carnival.

My first jump was alright compared to earlier jumps, where i jumped 5.10m. so i bet my old pb of 5.07m or something, so i was happy with that.

this buzz sent me into my next jump. It was a good run-up and take off, which sent me soaring to 5.36m, or 17’8" (or something like that). This jump put me in 2nd place.

My last jump i was very mad at myself seeing as i fouled. I were just going too fast and i couldn’t set my feet right, so i just ran through it.

I ended up staying in 2nd place, with my mate coming first with 5.4xm. So we are both happy. and top two make it away

So i am going to Riverina, the next level, in Long Jump.

Next was team relays. i was second in the relay, and overall came 3rd.

All in all, not a bad day. I was extremely happy about long jump, unsure about 100m but i suspect it was better than 12.97s.

100m - ??
200m - N/A
Long Jump - 5.36m
Triple Jump - N/A

Going to the next Level in…

Long Jump (RIVERINA)

Goals Achieved

Long Jump Set - 5.10m
Achieved? YES

100m Set - 12.90sec
Achieved? ??

Make it Away to the Next Level in Any Event
Achieved? YES

So today i achieved two goals out of three, and i will have to wait to see if it is 3/3.

Overall, i am really stoked and happy.

The pe teacher has also let me and my mate use the long jump pit at the school during lunches to practice, so i just might take up that offer.


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