Richo's Journal to a Track & Field Pure Athlete

—New Journal—

You are probably wondering, why the new journal Richo? Your old one was going just fine, wasn’t it?

One reason i kind of wanted a fresh start. I wanted to clear up everything and just start fresh. However, i didn’t say start again, i said start fresh.

So basically this journal is excatly like my other journal except this one will be much better documented, looked after and contain consistant training workouts and the like.

There will be a couple things copied and pasted from my old journal, and a couple comments i have found to like from this forum in here (if that is alright to do).

So without further wasting time, i think i shall begin updating my new journal for everyone to see.

Attention Members

As you all know I am currently new to Track & Field. I just started somewhat a few months ago, my first workout was on the 15h of May, 2006, and basically i need feedback whenever i can get it.

I know this is a big ask but if anyone does follow this journal, could you post your comments or opnions, whats good, whats bad, what i should add, what i should take out. i mean this will be very helpful towards me improving the best i can.

Thanks in advance to anyone

The Program[/b]

Currently i am following WS4SB style of training. However i added in several speed and conditioning workouts also. The only problem i have with the WS4SB program is there are no explosive movements such as Power Cleans. So later today, using this forum and a couple of WS4SB theories, i will design my own training program best suited to me and my goals.

Quick Overview of Training

I thought i would post a quick overview of the training i have done since May 15th…

May - June
Following a split provided by tc0710. Involved Two Accerlation sessions, Two Gym sessions and Two Tempo sessions.

1 Week of June
Missed a whole week of training.

Mid June
Shifted Training to a more Long Jump oriented.

Started doing WS4SB.

So that is a overview of the training i was doing.

Personal Best

The following are my PB in certain lifts and events

Benchpress - 47.5kg
Squat - 75kg
Bent-over Barbell Row - 40kg

100m - 12.97s
200m - 27.13s
Long Jump - 5.36m


These are the things that drive a Track & Field athlete to go crazy, and here are mine.

2008 Olympic Long Jumper
[just kidding about this one guys, so relax]

Seriously though, here are my goals…

To Be Achieved by End of July
Benchpress - 50kg
Squat - 77.5kg

To Be Achieved on 2nd of August (Meet)

Long Jump - 5.50m [realistic goal]
Long Jump - 6.35m [unrealistic goal]
Long Jump - Make it on to State [a dream]

To Be Achieved by 1st September

100m - 12.75s

To Be Achieved by October

100m - 12.65s

To Be Achieved by End of Year
Be Coached
Compete in 1 Event

Dreams & Future Goals (which will need hard work)
Make it on to State in Long Jump [as posted above]
Become a recognisable sprinter within the community
Compete at the Corowa Gift

Note: these are subject to change


Present - August 2nd
Long Jump Training

The Next Phase depends on Result
If To State

Long Jump Training till State

If Not, Continue on

August - October

Personal 100m Training

October - April (Not Entirely Sure About this Yet, month wise)
100m Coaching

April - July

July - October
Personal 100m Training

And so fourth

Few Quotes

Bed Time

Anyway i think i have everything setted up how i wanted it to.

It is now 1:09am and i am tired. so i might head off to bed.

Leave any comments you want, even though there isn’t much to comment on…

Goodnight all!

Remember that long jump training and sprint training aren’t much different. If you want to concentrate on long jump, you could simple do 1/2 a sprint workout then work on some jump stuff immediately afterward.

In long jump, the runway and takeoff velocity are VERY important. You want to be able to run fast without a huge effort so you can be under control at takeoff.

Don’t worry about fancy workouts at this point. Just try to get consistent training for a few months.

While sprint training will help your LJ, it seems to me that you have much more of a chance to do something in LJ so I suggest focusing your efforts there.

Can you give us the reason for WS4SB? Just wondering.

I understand that LJ and sprinting are very similar. as long jump you need to run as fast as possible, whilst containing control and a fluid motion.

i wasn’t going to design fancy workouts or a state-of-the-art program because no fancy program can do what a simple program can. it was just going to contain 2 leg weight training days, a couple sprint training days and a couple days down at the pits with some plyo’s thrown in there.

What do you suggest Juggler? how do i focus all my efforts to something that is coming up in only 3 weeks which will dictate whether i jump ever again?? unless i find LJ somewhere after school.

The reason for WS4SB was that i thought i needed strength in order to power up my sprints, and i thught WS4SB was the best option. However, that suggeston was given over at what do you suggest? should i continue or follow a new program? i am open up to suggestions…

Hey man,

Yea I can definately help ya out, just tell me what day the meet is if you know, and how many hours a day and wat time during the day you have to workout and stuff and I can set something up decent for you. Keep in mind 3-4 weeks isnt all that much time to have great improvements but I’m sure I can get you some, mostly in the speed department.

thanks heaps man, much appreicated

okay, the meet is on the 2nd of August.

I can train 7 days a week, and for about an hour or two of an afternoon after 4:30pm. I do not really want to train of a morning as i get up early enough for school. Umm i also am able to use the Long Jump pits at my school during lunch time 4-5x a week.

Anything else you need to know?

So you have lunch for lj
and an hour or 2 in the afternoon?

So just about an hour or 2 a day?

Most of the stuff I do involves a split in the day around an hour early then around another 30min or so atleast a few hours later is that plausible for u?

Also how long have u been lifting, sprinting, jumping

yeah i got lunch and a few hours afterwards.

yeah that is more than alright, cept if it involves outside stuff after 5:30pm, i may be running in the dark but i can manage.

ok, been lifting on-off for bout two years now. ive been doing 100m sprint training since about May, which was serious. but ive done speed work in the past for football. umm i have only just recently got involved in jumping. never took it too serious in the past, but now that i can clear well over 5m, i want to pursue it a little bit.

best of luck richo. keep posting videos, makes it easy for us to critique and advise you… :smiley:

thanks rapsmvp, will try and get videos whenever i can…

As I understand it, your LJ is basically determined by




Unless you have some technical issues that you can quickly correct, you are not going to get much faster in the time alloted. While strength is very trainable, 3 weeks isn’t much time to gain much strength. It seems that technique (along w/ being light and aerodynamically efficient lol) improvement is what will lead to adding that distance.

I have some thoughts on that, but first ask yourself what is keeping you from jumping longer. You may be able to isolate some issues. Are your spikes good for jumping? How consistent is your distance, as in, is your PR a reflection of your true max? etc.

I’m actually kind of tired right now, but I’ll expand on this tomorrow. Since this meet specifically is important to you, I’ll be thinking about quick fixes, rather than a whole GPP, SPP, etc. thing to embark on. Since this meet is the thing, it’s about fixing and peaking to uncork your best jump Aug. 2.

I think my main issue is my technique. i believe this is dragging me down, also hitting the board at top speed whilst maintaining control. so that is something i will have to work on over these couple weeks leading up…


Well Friday i did not do any weights, even though they were planned. but for the first time in ages i wasn’t too worried that i missed them.

Saturday morning i had a game of Aussie Rules for my hometown club. had some fun, did some running. good conditioning.

Saturday night i went out, however i only had 3 drinks. so i didn’t get drunk or anything.


To be honest, i haven’t thought about training or long jump due to stress building up over school assessments. even though i had two weeks to do them, i decided to be lazy and not do them till 2 days before they are due. so right now i am really stress. i don’t even know why i am posting here, i should be doing my work.

However, despite this stress, i will training tomorrow. i am going to try my hardest to knock most of the work of today. i’ll do my best. then its back onto long jump…