Have you guys had any good responces w/ this supplement? I read somewhere last month that 10-60g/day can increase the ATP levels in some athletes. Any respectable research out there on Ribose?

Kenny Mac~~~~

"Any respectable research out there on Ribose?

now there is a loaded quesiton! is there any respectable research anywhere in the supplement industry? there are some great studies on med line on creatine (the most researched supplement in history) but others are all industry driven studies, meaning i give you X amount of dollars to find out if ribose is worth the $$$ for increasing atp levels? chances are pretty good the answer you give me will be yes and back it up with lab results and stats. to quote homer simpson “you can prove anything with statistics, 9 out of 10 people know that.”

with that said, myself and other board members have given ribose the honest run a few times (and myself in varrying doses between 20 to 60 range). i did notice a small difference at 40+ per day, but its an expensive supplement and in my opinion, the money spent wasnt worth the gains received.