Review: Weights for Speed 3

This video was a much needed conclusion to the Weights for Speed mini series.

In this video, Charlie spends the majority of his time explaining how the clean (and by extension, other olympic lifts, depending on how it is done) can be incorporated into a sprint program, particularly one that uses a “general” weights philosophy.

He covers scenarios including with skilled lifters, not so skilled lifters, and more. He also covers the three main scenarios–cold weather without an indoor facility, cold weather with an indoor facility (can run speed through 60m), and warm weather year round (ie Jamaica) and how the weights (and training in general) would change in each of these aspects.

Charlie also explains how the incorporation of the clean and other lifts would vary through the phases (GPP/SPP/Pre-conp/Comp) and then the importance of it in the taper. He also covers how more general lifts (like Incline Press and Bench Press) can be incorporated in a program that utilizes cleans.

This video answers numerous questions left from the previous two and, IMO, is necessary to understand Charlie’s views regarding the clean (and other olympic lifts).