Review: The Classics E-Book

I’ve been a member of the forum since “the old days”. If you weren’t on then it’s may be hard to understand the nostalgic feelings some of us have. Some of it is due the size of the forum then as well as who some of the contributors were.

This installment in the CF series is a welcome addition. When it was announced that old forum was shutting down/switching I printed off a bunch of threads and put organized them in a 2” binder. However, while I had some of this in printed format it is nice to see this.

The breadth of topics covered in this ebook is astounding and will take some time for neophytes to digest. I’ve always felt that the old forum had a plethora of gems that if applied could make or break an athlete.

Topics covered include acceleration, nutrition and supplementation. The importance of relative and absolute strength are addressed along with key technical features of sprinting (e.g., triple extension and hip height).

The posts and responses on recovery modalities are especially illuminating as most of them are cost effective and easy to implement. The posts on HSI (Drummond, Greene, Boldon, Miller, etc) and Greek Sprint Training (Kederis, Thannou) are great to see what caused these groups to be so prolific.

Before Lactate Threshold Training become the hottest thread ever (which really should be turned into its own ebook) there was Energy Envelope and Organism Strength. I’ve read through this thread several times in the last 6 yrs. All I can say is STUDY IT.

There is much, much more as The Classics checks out at over 240 pages for anyone who is new to the forum it’s a must have. For those old schoolers it will bring back some good memories and remind you of why the forum you joined in the first place.