Reverse Leg press replacement

Is this a viable replacement for the reverse leg press?

I have one similar at my gym. Will it suffice?

No - I like this one better:

Your pic looks similar to this angle:

I’m partial to this apparatus.

Also tying a band up to mimick the lever if the original machine is a decent option

Don’t think he will find a “power runner” at a commercial gym…

Yea thats exactly what it is. Well do you think its worth doing at all?

I don’t think it would matter - esp in gpp or in a general fitness weight circuit…

OK, Im trying to max out hip extension. What about using the hack squat machine for revers leg presses?

I also tried some of these single leg reverse presses today. Is this better as a reverse leg press replacement?

I did them similar to hers today but a tried to go a lil deeper.

I like neither, rev hack squat would be similar to a front squat. There are better ways to work on achieving full hip ext…

let me know your suggestions.

Would be great to see the “preferred” suggestions for a replacement of the reverse leg press, as I also asked this as a similiar thread recently…would really be appreciated.

Hey Chris, does the girl pictured come with this apparatus? If so, I’ll take 3!

Yea she does look quite tasty. Come to think of it i never see any fine chicks on that machine.

Still waiting on rb’s reply about possible replacements.