Returning to athletics

Decided to start a journal in order to keep me motivated and also as a way to log my progress (more or less always on the computer so i’m more likely to do it here than in a diary). Last time I ran was when I was 16, stopped due to injury and I’m now 20. I found myself out of breath jogging up the stairs of my house and felt that it was time to do something about it. Being fit feels good.

60m= 7.43

I don’t have any races planned soon and the next few months would be more of a building phase from very light work to normal training capacity. I’ve seen many people who come back from injury straight into their old volume and just get injured over and over. I’m basically detrained and maybe need to lose some fat so i’m going to have to build from the ground up, i’m going to opt for a more long to short approach.

Weights PB’s
squat= 125kg x5
deadlift= 150kg x3
power clean= 85kg x4
bench= 100kg x3

I had a stint last year where I started doing weights but fell off my routine because of exams so will need to build back to those numbers aswell. The next two months will basically focus on conditioning, drills, core stability and prehab work.

Training so far:
week 1= tempo 8x100 at 60%
tempo 10x100 at 60%
week 2 = tempo 12x100 at 60%
tempo 16x100 at 60% 4th
week 3= 8x100 hills (1min rest) 80%
8x100 hills (1min rest) 90%
week 4 = 9x100 hills (1min) 90%
hills accels 8x30 (today)
(next) 80,120,150 (80% 1 min rest)

Not going to take many risks, the next couple months may seem a bit slow. These workouts are intended to build me up slowly and get me a bit fitter before I jump in to doing any acceleration work. Hopefully it all works out and i’m able to get to a good level! Thanks!

did a circuit probably more HIIT 8x(deadlift, rows, hang cleans, front squat, shoulder press) one after each other for 5 sets 30sec rest with 30kg put more weight on next week. Also used foam roller for my legs.

Nicely done

80, 120, 150, 150 with 90 sec rest in between at about 80% ended up being maybe slightly above that. Weight has gone down from 79kg to 76kg probably mostly water weight would say i’m about 15% body fat. Going to add circuits and medicine ball work next 4 week cycle to the HIIT work i’ve been doing. Core stability work will also be increased.

weights- squats, deadlift
and prehab exercises for hips and hamstrings

using foam roller and stretching tonight aswell.

5x200 at 70% 90sec rest wanted to do 6 but form was breaking down a lot on the 5th rep. Something to build on. Doing some prehab exercises for hips, hamstring and quads, also core stability work.

6x40 on grass in spikes. Felt pretty good. Did core stability work afterwards.

Did 80,120,150,80,120,150 with 90 sec rest in between at 80%. Went pretty well, held form well and wasn’t too out of breath as I would’ve been a couple week ago.

6x200 today with 1 min rest on grass at around 60-70% intensity. Didn’t feel I ran too well slowing down a lot the last 2 reps, it’s something that will get easier as I get stronger at tempo work just glad to have reached all the reps!

6x50 on grass yesterday runs were pretty solid technically but still not accelerating that well but this is only my second speed workout.

squats- 3x10x80kg
glute bridge- 4x10x(60,80,90,90)
incline bench-3x8x(60,70,75)

3x(80,120,150) at 80% with walkback after 80, 75 sec after 120 and 90sec after the 150 for rest. Felt I ran pretty well, good form happy with how I maintained it. First session where I wore spikes on the track as well.

Circuit training after 20 sec intervals with 3 min rest after the set. 3 SETS
v sit-up
mountain climbers
push ups
bicycle crunch

5x60 on Saturday couple days ago on the track in spikes, moving from grass. This took more out of me than expected, felt flat towards the end and picked up a very slight niggle. Rested 4 days and going to do tempo tomorrow also going to decrease the distances I run to 20m on accel days, do more reps and build to a decent volume. I think it’s probably too early for my body to be running at top speed should’ve built up to it.

Dropped tempo back to 5x200 felt pretty easy compared to last time I did this workout can see the improvement in fitness, will go back to normal next week taking it easy on my hamstring this week.

Pretty good work out today got out low with a good drive nearly every rep did 20x11 missed the last rep because my form was falling apart towards the end. Finished off by adding some plyos ankle jumps 2x10.

On Monday I did 6x200 at 80% on 2mins rest didn’t really feel any bounce in my strides felt pretty slow, probably because I did weights the day before and my legs might have been a bit tight. Still a good session can’t complain.

How do you feel so far and what are your training plans now?

Feel pleased with how things are going fitness has improved a lot, my speed is coming along as well but a bit slower i’ve only done 6 accel type workouts. Goal is to keep going till I work up to workout of 60x7= 420m then take a week off and start my GPP. My GPP would be one long hills day, an anaerobic capacity day with repetitions around 300m at 80% and also two accel days: one hill workout and one sled workout.

Did 30x 9 on thursday followed by 32 jumps for plyos; squat jumps (2x8) and ankle jumps(2x8). Best I’ve felt accelerating but felt a slights pain in my groin on the left side when cooling down going to treat it as a level 1 groin strain rest 5 days, get a massage, and strengthen it back.

GPP WEEK 1 (last week)

Tuesdays- 12x20m on grass at 90%
Light workout to ease me in to things, went well felt some twinging in my left hamstring but overall went well.

Wednesday- upper weights= pulls ups, military press, lat pulldown and ab work

Thursday- 4x10
plyos- ankle jumps 2x10, squat jump 2x8, 10 lateral bounds
Really good session, didn’t feel any tightness or niggles.

Saturday- lower weights= squats 8,8,6 (90kg,100,110)
hip thrust- 3x10 (100,100,100)
calf raises 3x10 (110,110,110)
cable straight leg hamstring extensions
Sunday- 6x200 at 80% each rep was done at 30 sec
Was a hard workout but I was very pleased.