Results without supplements?

For those of us who are 16-17 running the sprints, have you taken supplements while training to increase your times? and if so, what are your times in your events, w/wo supplements? Also, what does your diet contain of?

Most of my progression over the winter took place w/ nothing except protein powder supplement wise.

It shouldnt be that difficult to make a consious effort to increase your times. Why you would want to do that however is beyond me. Personally (and Im sure 99.9% of the members on here are with me on this) my goal is to decrease my times. In order to do this even since I was 17 I have not taken anything other than protein, fish oil and creatine once or twice.

increasing your times, you need one supplement: mcdonalds.

LOL good point. yum yums as well :stuck_out_tongue: I also need some opinions, what do you think I can get my 200m time down to (25.50) with training by april 25?

for me i take amino acids 2222 2 tabs daily and creatine 1 month before championships and multi vitamin

demolisher whats you best time in your events? and how old are you?

the way i see things is that a proper diet overrules supplements. supplements merely are a supplement to your diet. your diet should not be based around supps. i tend to think supps are a waste of money and no need, but thats my opnion and many people disagreee

Evilgoosey, your avatar is too funny.