resting heart rate

i know that endurance athletes are supposed to have very low resting heart rates, but what about sprinters?? i got 40bpm when i tested myself i would like to know what other ppl get

I posted a question about this recently. I’m a 200/400 guy (27 years old and no longer competing or staying in competition shape). My resting rate is 30-40 depending on my diet.

i wonder what usain bolts would be… 20 something??

I do no long distance at all and have not for the past # of years, my pulse is 42 in the early AM, but be CAREFUL if you ever have to go to the hospital for an exam, tell the nurse that you are a runner, if you don’t they think something is wrong with you. :rolleyes:

I don’t think Bolt’s would be anything like that. If im correct top endurance athletes, the lance armstrongs, marathon runners of the world rarely go below 30.

I think you would find most sprinters around the 40-60 range.

Holy quadruple-post batman!

Id be a little scared with a heart right of under 30 :confused:

Mine is 60-65 but I’ve also heard that teenagers have higher resting heart rates than adults, so I’d probably be around 50-55 then?

The lowest i’ve ever recorded for myself is 48bpm. I’ve got a friend that completed in the world fell running champs in Alaska a few years ago - his was 40bpm… 40 is exeptionally low. I doubt very much that Usains is 40.

I haven’t raced longer than 100 for a couple of years, have not run at all longer than 300 this year, and do tempo early in the season with SE and special endurance later like the HSI guys …

And my RHR was 42 this morning. Why would I not expect Bolt’s to be lower than mine?

Miguel Indurain supposedly registerd 26, and I see recreational marathon types (serious but not professional) claiming RHR values around 40 or just below. It looks to me like if you’re a sprinter and you do the work, you see similiar values to the endurance guys.

it also depends on the person…people are different and one person can be higher and one can be lower even if they do the same work.

I was 34bpm (for a 30second count) this morning about 10 minutes after I got to work.

68bpm then?

He was probably 17 beats for 30 seconds… multiplied by 2.

I wouldn’t be surprised to see most sprinters heart rates around 55-70bpm. Much of sprint training is anaerobic. Obviously the higher the distance the more efficient the heart muscle becomes.

mine is 78 but i’m gaining weight and bodyfat. usally i hover around 59-64

No, my heart rate was 34.

I train an average of 2hrs per day regularly and mine is about 70 (that’s FAT).

heart beat rates in the 30s is usually not healthy or seen very often for that matter

Mine was 52 when I trained hard, now can’t count that high.

Co-incidentally, I had a fitness test using a bike and they stopped it when my heart rate hit my theorical max of 198, yet it was reasonable easy. I think I’ve got it as high as 215.