Rest of Off-Season

I’m 15, a sophmore in high school, been lifting 3 years now. I am 5’7" 160lbs. I play WR and CB. I am trying to prep for a monster Junior year and possibly earn some offers to make it to the next level. I believe I have the skills just lacking the size and speed. This off-season has gone well in the weight room gained about 40lbs on my bench 35lbs on squat 10 or so on Power Clean. I haven’t been consistently running outside or doing plyos. I can proabbly count the number of speed and plyos sessions I have had total this year on my hand. I know I should be faster then i am now. I ran a 4.8 40 this time last year. I don’t think I hjave progressed much with little to no running or plyos. I was given the VJB mid football season and was hyped to apply it but my schedule with work and super hard classes kind of got me off track.

Now for the rest of my off-season I want to get dedicated. I have gotten the hand of my classes and think I can balance them all. I am gong to start WS4SB officially next week. For the past couple of months liftin has been random just warmup work up to PB then do auxs. Do you guys think that the running with WS4SB is enough and could I use VJB program on the two upper body days? Making my week look like this:

Monday - Me upper/Running/plyos
Tuesday- REst or Tempos
Wednesday - ME lower/lateral speed focused
Thursday - Rest or Tempos
Friday - RE or DE Upper/Running/plyos
Sat- tempos
Sun- off
Mon - Off
tues - Same as last monday
Wed - REst or tempos
Thur - Same as last wed.
Fri - Rest or Tempos
Sat - Same as last fri.
Sun - Off
Mon - Start over from beggining

The reason schedule is like that i b/c i ahve a weight lifting class and some weeks I have lifting 3 days and some 2 days. The RE or DE will be done at home b/c I have no access to heavy weights at home.

Sorry so much just wanted to include everything so you can help.

I think what you have is solid. How strong are you? Depending on your strength levels, I would think about subbing a lower body lift (olympic or squat or dead lift variation) for your plyos. Plyos are fine, but I wish someone would have told me to just get my squat up to about 1.8 to 2X my body weight with good form (or front squat 1.5 to 1.75) instead of doing so many plyos. Drills for DBs and WRs, in addition to your other speed work, are probably about enough plyo type work, in my opinion. Depends on exactly what you’re doing.

I am going to do the intermediate explosion focused program from the VJB of Kelley Baggett. I Bench 225lbs, squat 360lbs in a powerlifting stance, clean 170lbs. After reading the VJB I know that I should be doing a lot of plyos and reactive and explsoive strength work b/c my squat is 40lbs over 2x my BW.

Your numbers are very similar to mine, but you are a lot stockier than I am(5’9,155). I am also doing a lot more plyo’s and reactive strength work, so hopefully it works out because I am also lacking speed.

Yea I see. I just got done checking out your journal…What’s your 40? The only difference I see between us is height and your bench maybe 5-10lbs heavier. I’ll see my 1-3RM tommorow. ME Upper day…

I also run a sub 4.8. The split you have looks pretty good.