Respected coaches

Who are some coaches that you would model instruction after in each of the following areas?

Sprints-Obviously Charlie Francis

I concur with Charlie’s statement. With regard to throwing events, I would have to say Art Venegas. This man also knows a thing or two about strength training as well.

All coaches must be respected, if you want to learn. Leave the the trash-talking to those who DON’T want to learn.
There are many great coaches. Just look at their athletes and read their material. At the end of the day you must reconsile what you read with your own experience to set your own path.

Agree with Charlie.

I have not met a coach I haven’t lerned off. Good or bad.

Anyway people who put the time in should have some respect - whether agree, disagree or are indifferent to what they do.

I respect my coach - he has coached me for 15 years and has been there everyday as a coach, friend, mentor and a shoulder and ear when needed.

A comment made to me by the strength coach, Clyde Emrich, that “everyone knows something but nobody knows everything” has always kept my mind open for the possibility of learning something new.

With the concept that everyone can teach us something, why don’t we use this topic to give props to the coaches and what they teach?

I would be interested into to seeing what some of the coaches on this forum would say about who they learned from (the classics)!

I have found Boo Shexnayder to be the a fantastic teacher…

I don’t disagree with what you all are saying.

Everyone does offer something to learn from. Even if it is sometimes what not to do.

But as a highschool coach, I have to have a little knowledge about every event. I am realistic enough to know that I won’t be an expert on every area, but want to be able to point my assistants in as meaningful as a direction as possible.

It took me three years before stumbling on to this site. It has defineately opened my eyes. Sometimes it is just not so obvious to rookie coaches who to consider as the true experts.

Thanks for the Venegas suggestion…Boo is very good. Glad my instincts were good on that front. Thanks.


I think all good coaches have similar qualities about them.

They are thinkers, laterally and otherwise, communicatiors as well as others. They also seem to run against the grain abit.

I can’t tell you who are good coaches. But I have about a dozen people I ask advice from.

Your last sentence is how you will pick alot of the time - instincts.

Yes indeed there are so many good coaches out there…

One of them Remi Korchemny said ones about coaches:
“There are teachers and butchers… Try to be a teacher…”