Resistance Band Training versus Free Weights

Hey guys, as I live in the northeast US, snow often keeps me stuck in the house when I had a strength training session planned :confused: around my house, the heaviest dumbells I have weigh maybe 8 lbs so i cant really do anything worthwhile with them, but i do have some resistance bands of varying thickness laying around. I was wondering if the resistance bands would be good for upper body exercises when i cant get to a gym, or would i be wasting my time with them? thanks

Anything > nothing

i guess that always hold true lol, as far as reps and sets would go (in comparision to free weights), do you think i would still go about structuring the workout in the same fashion? and are resistance bands much less effective than free weights?

It depends, but I am going to imagine in your case it is significantly less effective unless you have some extremely strong resistance bands and places you can anchor them to (not likely that you have them if you don’t even have heavy dumbells). Better than nothing and could be used as a change, but not ideal.

i found a neighbor with dumbells up to 50 lbs so i escaped the problem, but thanks for the input everyone. and one of the resistance bands i have is actually very strong because i got it in this baseball kit used to strengthen your throwing arm by resisting the throwing motion, so i would actually have to use a substantial amount of effort to do curls with it or exercises in that weight range

You can actually Grow, get stronger and more powerful without ever even lifting a Dumbbell or barbell. A bit of an imagination, you can work chest, back, shoulders, bi’s n tr’s, glutes, hammies, legs and the list can go on n on without “needing” to get to a gym.
Check out youtube and there are lean cut and ripped dudes who have never stepped into a gym. There are also Large Tanks doing the same thing if thats your goal.
And there are plenty of ways to make the “same” exercise a little bit harder or Heaps harder. Bonus is your not waiting around for a free bench in a gym getting cold :slight_smile:

yeah, ive heard of some bizarre programs where people got huge. i think there was a thread on here a little while ago on hershel walkers BW program that was ridiculous