Research: Resisted sprints and harness selection

For those who have read Charlie’s thoughts on resisted sprinting, one concept he was a proponent of was a waist harness.

In the current Journal of Strength & Conditioning Research(Bentley et al., March 2016 Volume 30, Number 3), a study looked at biomechanical factors of an un resisted sprint to resisted sprints with both shoulder and waist harness.

“In summary, waist harness seem to be the most suitable attachment point for the acceleration phase of sprinting. Sled towing with these attachment points resulted in fewer kinematic alterations and greater net horizontal impulse when compared to the shoulder harness.”

if you have a harness you are interfering with the arm and shoulder action.

Biggest mistake I see people make with resisted sprinting is too long of a distance. And using a given distance repeatedly without room for change or adjustment.

You need to work below the threshold of degradation. The only way you know this is to watch careful and begin the reps by undercutting what distance is reasonable.

Why does common sense seem to escape science or is that my imagination?