Requests: Michael Johnson; Tim Montgomery; Mike Powell

Hey guys,

I’m sorry, my video library is non-existant, so I guess I need to start somewhere. Has anyone got any or all of any of the following?

Michael Johnson 200m WR; 400m WR

Mike Powell Long jump WR Tokyo 1991

Tim Montgomery 100m WR 2002

Maurice Greene Sevilla 1999 100m final

Thanks guys,
Much appreciated.

Yes, i have all of them

Is it possible for you to put them up for me to download?

Thanks if you can mate.

i’d also like those vids if possible.

me too pleaase

Los…put them all back on again!!

i cant get any webspace…

Anyone else? Please?

i might still have johnsons 200 WR, but i dont know where.

if anyone wants to provide me with some webspace, i can upload very quickly (high speed connection).

How would someone do that? I guess I will if I can, but I’m not sure if I have webspace.

try this site