Reputation Points?


Oh and thanks to the spineless snake you neg repped me for getting the ‘Analyse This’ back on course. I think if you get Neg Repped the person doing it should be shown on your user CP. At least then you know who done it. Any chance of that Rupe?

you got positive rep points from me that. :cool:

LOL…cheers John…I got neg repped by some loser because I said " lets try and keep on topic"…and surprise surprise neg repped for saying what I have on this thread. No wonder people keep silent on this site. If you don’t like what I post then be man enough to say “I think you’re talking rubbish…” and show reasoning for it!!! Rant over.

Another one for your troubles!

and negative rep points and the comment Grow up for the above :rolleyes:

I put my reputation points on my CV.

And positive points from me just to spite that person lulz

lulz, was negged with the comment “slow swimming mfer” U mad brah?

I eat rep points for breakfast, thats why I am so fast…

Don’t check my CP site much, but just did and found the following comment (after he deducted a rep point).

04-07-2010 12:09 AM “you are a joke. get brain cancer and die.”

Charming. No doubt the same moron is responsible for many of the other negative comments on this forum.

It’s about time this weasel was made accountable for despicable comments such as this.



I got an earily similar neg rep comment

Yeah I got a similar post from the same weasel - I know who it is.

total shit – please stop posting

you get that on forums total f cowards!

there must / should be a way of identifying and taking action against people that put comments like that. It is fine to disagree with people but abuse such as that is unacceptable.

The same weasel just made another post on my CP

“I said it was shit because it is. I won’t use bad words anymore”

These are comments made by Fogelson made to other members on this forum - I went through a brief history of his posts and I am disgusted by his tone and attitude to other forum members.

[b]1. What you are saying is just so blatantly stupid it really isn’t worth discussing further

  1. Quite irrational way of going about things

  2. You have clearly demonstrated a lack of knowledge about both physics and biomechanics in your post

  3. Right, considering where you’re from, that’s a boldface lie about the times

  4. Are you playing dumb on purpose?

  5. Ken, why the lies?

  6. you are incapable of doing that, let alone forming coherent sentences or argument. The point…

  7. John, are you that dense? Really? Copying and pasting irrelevant stuff?

  8. All of the questions you just mentioned are incredibly stupid on the whole (in that they are the wrong questions and indicate your lack of understanding of the science at hand) and not even worth discussing.

What should we do about this?
I never had mine active- just for this reason I guess so I’m at 10 as always but are these follow up comments with the reps points or PM’s or what?
Where do you see the neg remarks? Sorry for my ignorance about this part of the template but I think you all know my computer shortcomings.

good call for a jackass-jd
stfu u slack jawed faggot
plz get brain cancer and die
sounds a bit biased

Sounding to me like this feature should be turned off altogether if this is the kind of stuff we see.

enough of the BS guys!! :mad: this kind of language will not be tolerated