Republican VP Candidate - Sarah Palin - Named Her Son "Track"

Not sure if anyone else saw this, but…

The Palins named their first child, a boy, Track, after the track and field season in which he was born. Sarah’s father jokingly asked what they would have named their son if he had been born during the basketball season. Without hesitating Sarah answered “Hoop.”

If he dropped out of her like a shot put, I guess he would be named “Field”, or at least “Divot”.

what if it was a girl, is track a guy name or girl name :smiley:

Yes, and if you were born in France or Quebec, you would be named “Piste”…

That’s the dumbest reasoning I’ve ever heard. Named him after the track and field season in which he was born??? wtf

While that is absolutely retarded, I’ve had a conversation with her before. I was at a fund raiser with my dad and some of his friends and she dropped in at our table (my dad’s friend knew her) and we all talked for 10-15 minutes. She seems nice and is certainly articulate. Also, for 44, she’s not bad to look at.

She has some pretty “interesting” viewpoints…

I wouldn’t know. I try to keep my life as simple as possible and so politics are kept as far away as I can manage.

What are some of her more extreme or questionable stances?

I’ve heard she advocates the Inno-Sport system :smiley:


That’s actually hilarious. :smiley:

Her views on abortion, creationism (which she has attempted to retract/modify, thankfully), and gay rights.

Haven’t heard much else about her, so I’m sure we’ll learn more or about the “clarifications” in her positions soon enough.

Ok she’s hot so I guess she’s allowed to name her son track

Might explain McCain’s choice! She was a runner-up for some beauty pageant, wasn’t she. Old john might not be ready to replace Cindy- unless this one has 200 million dollars as well!!

Thanks. I did some research on my own and I guess I do disagree with her on most fronts. We met at an NRA benefit (which I’m not a member of, but I do like free prime rib and favor my pistols) and her opposition of gun control is something we do agree upon.

And that picture above has to be an older one. She still looks good, but not that good. Here’s what she looks like now:

One scary thought. There’s a controversy brewing because someone in her office fired a supervisor because that person wouldn’t fire her ex-brother-in-law, who’s locked in a custody battle with her sister. Of course, she denies having anything to do with it- just one of those fluke coincidences.
Well, if old John should croak and she becomes President, the ex-brother-in-law better find Osama’s cave and move in with him!

I think his stategy was to counter Obama’s choice for not picking Hillary as VP. Her acceptance speech was heavily focused on women and she is a self proclaimed feminist. I think this stratedy will fail for Mc- McCain, though, not that we would be much better with New World Order Obama in office. Can’t win with any of these guys.

Dr. Sprint is from Reading and was slow. He ain’t no doctor and he sprints were like runs or jogs.

We wont stop!

I was fast enough to make the nationals.

Hillary supporters aren’t going to support Palin. She represents the exact opposite of what most Hillary supporters are looking for. Her strong stand against abortion, and supposedly birth control as well, won’t go over well with them.

What nationals and when? What event. What are your times.