Reps of Power Clean

all you need is a box horse or table with a towel for your hips and a couple of friends and that’s it.


NO, NO, NO!!!

frit17, Number 2 and I were talking about OLY lifts and I was referencing to my area of football where I have seen great results by simply applying Dynamic Effort and Max Effort templates from Westside for Squats and Bench. Meaning not using OLY lifts for reasons stated earlier and not rotating in the Deadlift.

Programs must include all the assistance, supplementary, prehab-intervention-rehab exercises necessary.

Football Coach

Hi Oni,

Going back to your original question and trying not to forget its importance to you… how about we focus on whether you should do more or less than 5 reps per set…?

If you have a strong pure strength foundation to begin with then you can progress to power training…if not dont!

I am attempting to be light hearted and not offend…just in case anyone throws a teddy

Wow, this is an old thread brought back to life!