Replacing MRPs!

MRPs as far as I can see are essentially protein and maltodextrin. Can I make up my own MRP using whey and maltodextrin?

I always assumed that maltodextrin has a high GI and is good to use in after-training shake. Is my assumption on maltodextrins GI correct? Should be used during the ‘window of oppurtunity’ after training or should it be consumed at other times?



Meal Replacement Powder

Homemade MRP:

3 Bananas, Yoghurt, Skimmed Milk - mix and make to total 500ml.

(You can add other things like strawberries or glucose etc to taste or whey protein if you like)

Thanks 23- very nice suggestion! Including whey and the ingredients u mention would negate the need for the maltodextrin!

Btw does anyone know the GI of Maltodextrin? Just curious.

Why not open the discussion up…?

Homemade Meal Replacers
Suggestions, Secret Recipes?

Please post them here!

That had crossed my mind Gf - a Recipe thread for example with sections for

  1. Breakfasts
  2. Dinners -
    A. Meats
    B. Fishes
    C. etc,
  3. Packed Lunches -
  4. Desserts
  5. Nighttime meals

etc, etc.

But it would be a big help if the %'s of fats, proteins etc were listed also instead of just a big splurge list of recipes.
I could post Jamie Olivers ‘latest’ book - but that’s not much help.

Malto has to be about 99 or 100

I try not to use Malto or Glucose unless immediately after execrise - there’s no need to take such a GI hit apart from post exercise.
Bananas are cool enough - natural - and why not?

[Linford has been known to have had up to 12 a day!]

Thanks 23! If maltodextrin has such a high GI similar to Glucose:

  1. why is it used in MRPs? Is it not a poor carb to be iingesting if one wishes to control insulin repsonses etc.

  2. Why might the inclusion of Glucose [i]and[/] Maltodextrin be benificial post-excercise. Wouldn’t just one of them not do?

Athlete …

  1. Yes many MRPs and Post Exercise Powders use Malto. It all comes down to what you want - fast Carbs - use Malto or Glucose - slower releasing - use fruit, even slower - use veggies.
    The only time I use glucose or malto or any fast carbs is immediately post-exercise.

  2. John Berardi reccomends a mix of 1:1 Glucose to Malto in Post Exercise Carbs. I am trying those percentages at the minute - but to be honest I can’t see there being a dramatic difference between 100% glucose or 100% Malto.

Thats just it 23 why the need for this 1:1 ratio. If their GI is similar does it make any difference?

Well John Berardi says it’s the best carbohydrate - that while it’s a complex carb - it is still a fast absorbing carb - thus the high GI.
Why mix ? - well i can’t recall from memory but JB’s site has all his theories and justifictaion