removing damaged spike

Didnt know where I could place this else so I think it fits here the best :slight_smile:

Any hints to remove a spike that is stuck in the shoe, tried to remove it with the normal “spike screwdriver” and it moved 1 turn but then got stuck. Atm the base of the spike is damaged so the “screw driver” doesnt have any grip anymore on it. Tried already with another tool (pic of tool) but it got damaged even more :s

Have them only for one year so I want to use them a little bit more. If nothing works then I will sharpen it a bit with a file and use them until the end of the season.

if you can get it out enough to get something under it to get some leverage you can probably losen it up some more.

Oiling the threads might help too.

tried it already but didnt work :s

try to loose the thread with a few hammer hits and than try again with oiling and tongs (but not too hard ).

worst comes to the worst you can drill it out. Start with a small drill bit and work your way up. Remember to use a punch to provide a spot for the drill to bite into (e.g a very small dimple).

You may need to flatten the pin first using a hammer or something but it can be done because i have done it before…

its repaired, hooray :slight_smile:
flattened 2 sides with a file to give it more grip and that did the trick. thx for your help