Relentless Ambition

Saturday 28 April.

Regional Championships.

did 100 & 200m: 11.34 (w +0,3) - 22.61 (w + 1,1)

I felt fast towards the end of the 100m and I knew i’d run a fast 200, to my surprise I ran 22.61 which means I equaled my PB.

I’m happy with that time since it’s early season. I’m still not completely injury free; ankle is still hurting sometimes, but i’ve bought a wobble board and hopefully that will strengthen them.

I’ll keep working hard but smart, focusing on my strengths. Overall this was a really good day.

By the way, if my 200m time is below 2x my 100m time, does that mean speed endurance is my strength?

Nice work! You took something off your 100, and way to go equaling your 200 PB in April! If you run within + or - .20 of your 200time then your speed endurance is decent. Keep training carefully and take care of your body! Congrats!

Monday 30 April.

warm up, 2x50m strides etc.

2x(3x30m) - full rest

3x60m - full rest

Felt good on all of them, I could really feel myself sprinting, hips weren’t as low as before, it just felt good. Looking forward to next session

Wednesday 2 May.

Speed Endurance

Pyramid: 80 - 120 - 150 - 120 - 80

Full rest for all runs. Didn’t get timed on the first 3 runs, last 120 13.72 and 80 9.23.

Im starting to feel better when I run, better placement, I run alot taller than before, which saves me a lot of energy I noticed.


Squats 60% 1RM, 3x10 - 1, 2 , 3 then explode up
Leg curl 2x8 (injury prevention for hamstrings)
Glute kickback 1x10

stretching, sauna, hot/cold shower

Friday 4 April.

Block starts


explosive out of the blocks, but not on the other steps. Coach said I don’t really push, I just put my foot down.

Sunday 6 April.


100m: 11.45 (w -0,7) , stumbled on the first steps it caused me to fall down almost. My hips were too low in the starting blocks. Rushed the acceleration, I just popped out without driving.
200m: 22.60 (w +0,5) ran a nice turn, accelerated on the straight away but had no slingshot effect like I had last week. The last 30m are a pain in the ass, that’s when I focus on knee lift and pumping arms harder but I slow down considerably. Is that a speed endurance issue, conditioning, strength?

Anyway I beat my previous 200m PB by 0.01. It frustrates me that whenever I make a PB it’s by 0.01 - 0.05, not that I’m not happy with the pb but that shows no real progress.

Wednesday 9 May.

Special - Speed Endurance

250m at 95% intensity - 90 seconds rest - 150m at same intensity - 12 mins rest

150m - 6 min rest

2x80m - 3 min rest between reps (ran just 1)

1x60m - didnt run

That was a really special session

Reason why I didn’t finish the session is because I felt really sick with all that lactic acid build up, felt like throwing up (ate an apple 30 mins before training). I was really exhausted, if I did finish the session however I would have ended in the hospital.
My nutrition and sleep have been really off lately, need to work on my sport’s hygiene off the track.

Hey there,

That is a tough sounding session! You did the right thing by stopping. I remember the first time I did one of KitKat’s 300-250-180-150-120 workouts. I ran a PB in the 300, ran a lactate-filled 250, and promptly vomited after the 180. End of session!

Now I’m a lot slower than you, but take a look at my indoor training journal. Some of my struggles with the 200 are detailed there. Charlie said it best- it is a rhythm race! You cannot “kill it” or you will die. I had the exact same experience indoors which is detailed in my journal- running well to 180 then totally dying. When I got it right, I ran a massive indoor PB!

My approach for the 200m is the following:

  1. Run hard for 40-50m
  2. Float till 85-90m and that’s where I pump arms faster to get that slingshot effect off the turn.
  3. I feel faster till I hit 150m and that’s when I start to slow down. ( I’m noticeable running faster from the 90 to 150m mark )

Should I approach it in a different way? I just read through your journal, you mentioned that you ran a PB when running ‘loose’ without trying. That’s what I do from 40 to 90m.
I can’t see myself running loose during the whole race aka let your body do the sprinting

I just read Clyde’s Hart 200m training: Training/Clyde_Hart2.pdf
He advises running all out to 50m then float till 150. Maybe I should give that a try next meet

Charlie mentions in a few products that he feels that people undo themselves in the 200m by overworking. Check out the corner running download- it is a deceptively simple but awesome explanation of running the bend.

All my best 200’s have had the same feel- there are no “forced” actions, everything just flowed smoothly from one part to the next. Mentally, when I just say to myself “forget the time, just relax and run” I have exceeded expectations. You have to believe it’s already in you- you are already fast, so nothing you do to try to “control” the race is going to make it any faster. Try to let go of control. Let your body run. It’s spiritual almost- I can’t explain it any other way. It will feel easy, and you will be shocked by your time.

Basically, if you’re going to do anything in the race, make it very minor. If you think “pump your arms” it is very easy to over-muscle the action. All I did in my last 200 was accelerate, maintain going into the turn, then coming off the final bend had a very very gentle feeling of re-acceleration, but that was an indoor race. I just maintained everything and there was no death in the last 20m! It felt so easy- it SHOULD be easy if you’re relaxed! I’m not a fan of re-emphasizing arms in the last 50m of the 200. You’re already tired, just stay with your rhythm and see what happens!

Friday 11 May.

Small training session, because I might run a 4x1 relay Sunday.

3x30m full recovery - felt good on all of them

2x120m - 13.57 & 13.55

I ran them just as T-Slow advised me to run the 200, relaxed. The times aren’t that great but I felt very very easy on them, I had a lot of energy left in the tank.


2x8 pull ups (were hard to do, had way more strength in the upper body a few months ago)
2x10 speed squats. 60% 1RM
2x8 bulgiarian split squats with 10kg dumbells
2x8 hamstring curls

stretching, sauna, hot/cold shower

Monday 14 May.

Was supposed to be a block/acceleration day but I’ve got a 400 and 100 coming up Saturday do coach wanted me do some lactic acid training.

250 - 90 sec rest - 150m. ( 30.97 & 19.03 )
6 min rest
250 - 90 sec rest - 150m. ( 34.07 & / )

Couldn’t run the last 150m, was too exhausted and my muscles hard as rock. I’d hate to be a 400 sprinter lol.
I doubt I’ll break the 50 sec barrier this Saturday, but I definitely need to break my PB, 52.67.


2x8 pull ups
2x10 speed squats 60 kg
2x8 bulgarian split squats
2x8 hamstring curls
lying back extensions (superman)

Sauna, Hot/cold shower

Wednesday 16 May.I don’t really know what the purpose was of this training, was a weird one.2x (3x100m) : 100m = 30m FAST , 40m FLOAT , 30m FASTdidn’t run the last one, as I felt pain in my outer hip.

Saturday 19 May.Track meet400m: 50.56 new personal best (52.67 last year). This is also my 2nd 400m ever and there is plenty of room for improvement. My first 200m split was 23.0 - 23.2 which is way too fast, should have been 23.5 - 23.8. Though, I was very relaxed on the first 200, even 300 and that’s where my legs started to feel really heavy. Once finished I was really lightheaded and felt like my head was pulsing lol. boom boom boom100m: 11.48 (w +0,2) I ran the 100 3 hours after my 400m race, but that’s not an excuse. The time is simply not good compared to my 11.25 of last year. Everything seems to improve except the 100… 11.50 is the time I ran on my first 100m of the 400m race.Maybe it’s a psychological thing, i don’t know but the time has to decrease. I’ll try to run a 100m sometime with no competition to see if that would help.

Monday 21 May. 200 in 27" 250m jog 150 in 19" 320m jog 80 - 60 - 40 - 20m all out

Wednesday 23 May.

Lactic acid work.

250m - 31.50
3’ rest
150 - 18.50

250m - 32+
3’ rest
150 - 18.70

Left hip pain, especially when accelerating. Also no energy

Friday 25 May.

Off - Hip pain


Block speed workout.

3x80m 5’ and 3’ rest
12 min full rest
3x60m idem
12 min full rest
3x40m idem, ran just the first one… hip pain.

I’m not as explosive as before, looks like I lost some strength in my legs or maybe just no energy. Gonna rest the following days and work on my flexibility, because I’m really rusty.

Wednesday 30 May.

80m (8.93) - 2’ rest - 60m (6.97)
8’ recovery
80m (8.73) - 2’ rest - 60m (6.76)
8’ recovery
80m (8.77) - 2’ rest - 60m (6.77)

150m - 16.78 (my first sub 17 in training)

One of the best speed workouts I’ve ever had. Felt really good in the acceleration phase.
I weighed myself wednesday and I weigh 3kg more than 1 week ago, when I felt energy-less and tired all the time.

Saturday I’ve got a meet, 100 & 200m, looking forward to it !

Saturday 2 June.Track meet100m: 11.32 (w +1,0) I think my acceleration was pretty good, but the transitioning was bad as usual, that’s my season best and 0.07 behind my PB. I’m pretty positive it will improve soon200m: 22.69 (w +0,9) My first 50m were decent, but then started to think too much about when to accelerate again which caused me to slow down a bit. Was trailing behind but accelerated on the straight and passed by 3 guys. My mate told me I was the fastest on the straight too (winner won in 22.28)I’m not happy with these times but my times are consistent, it’s a matter of time before the PB’s fall ! :slight_smile: