Relentless Ambition

how’s the foot??

The ankle is recovering slowly, had not too much pain at the warm up and during the run. I ran with an ankle strap though. But after the run I had some pain, went away with ice…

Here’s the video:

first leg the blue runner, starts at 00:20. What do you think of my form? Some say it has improved

Any input appreciated

Monday 21th January

Strength training

Squat 2x5 198lbs, 1x5 242lbs (PR)
Pull ups 3x8 (should be weighted but there was no waist belt)
Back extensions


Running in water, quite exhausting lol

Wedensday 23th January

Stadium workout (stairs)

3x acceleration position
2x ankle hops
2x going up the stairs in a deep squat position
2x frog jumps
3x running as fast possible up the stairs

Medicine ball exercises for core, with partner

I’m going to try a couple of those stair workouts.

Nice work on the squat. What was your previous best??

Thanks, it was 1x3 231lbs before

Saturday 26th January

Indoor meet

200m: 22.76 (PB) previous one was 23.14 from last year.

My acceleration was pretty good, but I had trouble transitioning to full speed as usual. Last 50m were better than usual. Will upload vid as soon it’s up

Here’s the video of my run saturday. Aren’t my arms going too far back? (lane 6)


Sunday 27th January

Swimming Pool

5x50m breaststroke: 52 - 53 - 55 - 51 - 53 secs

Running in water

Monday 28th january

Strength training

Squats: 1x10 132lbs , 1x8 154lbs , 1x6 176lbs (going down in a 3 -2-1 count then explode up)
Pull up: 3x8 with 22lbs resistance
Glute kick backs: 3x10 lvl 40
Back hypers: 3x10
Core exercises

Tuesday 29th January

Swimming pool

Few lengths 50m

High skip in water several sets, 30sec reps
Running in water

Wednesday 30th January

Warm up

Feel ankle discomfort while doing A’s B’s etc

Tried few block starts over 40m but ankle couldn’t handle it, so went to the stairs and did some exercises on it (ie running as fast as possible up the stairs)

Core exercises

Saturday 2th february

60m season opener: 7.26

My acceleration was pretty good, once upright I could feel pain in my ankle and by the 45m mark I slowed down considerably. Was able to keep up with the winner (7.04) till the 40m mark so I know 7.10 is a distinct possibility.

Video of the run (lane 7)


I’m going to get that ankle checked again and stop running on it as I’m aggrevating it. Next meet is 3th march if all goes right

Last week I didn’t do heavy weights to let my ankle recover. Kept on swimming and running in water though…

Tuesday 12th February

Swimming Pool (25m)

Few laps to warm up

breaststroke - 5x50m with 30sec. recovery between reps: 48 - 48 - 51 - 53 - 50s

50m crawl test all out: 34.16 (PB)

Basic running drills in water
Running in water 10x12.5m (high knees)

Wednesday 13th February

Strength training

Squat: 1x5 220lbs , 1x5 242lbs , 1x 253lbs , 1x 275lbs then I decided to test out 286 for 1 rep but managed to do 3 reps.
New squat PR: 1x3 286 lbs
Bench press: 1RM test: 220lbs but it’s not the usual bench press, this one is special so I’m guessing my RM is lower than that.
Glute kickback: 2x10 res.50
Back hypers: 2x10
Calf raises: 3x15 res.6

Core exercises

that happened to me the other day. I tried out for 1 rep at 220lbs (sadly for me, that’s your starting weight!) and suprised myself for easily going on for 3. I probably could have gone a couple more, too…

Saturday 23th February

Indoor meet

60m: 7.19 (PB) bad start and execution but good second part of the race. Unfortunately this was my last 60, was hoping to go sub 7.10

3 weeks later ankle still isn’t fully recovered…

I can train on sand now though without pain, should have thought about it earlier

Last week I tested my Standing Long Jump and achieved 3m13 which is a PB

Tomorrow I’m getting foot orthotics because I’m hyper pronator

Monday 18 March

Beach training

15 min warm up

Technique drills, not that easy in the sand

ankle hops 3x15m

broad jumps 3x15m and sprint 10m directly after last jump

Suicide (basketball) drill 3x, this one really exhausted me

5x15m sprints