Relay world record in sight

Powell says Bolt’s 9.7 run could bring sprint relay world record
Tuesday May 20, 2008

By Gary Smith

KINGSTON – With Usain Bolt’s magically fast 100-metre dash performance at the Jamaica International Invitational in Kingston, World record holder in the event, Asafa Powell, believes the country stands a great chance of breaking USA’s 4x100m relay world record.

Powell, at 9.74-seconds and Bolt (9.76), are the two fastest men ever to run the dash and the record holder who won a bronze medal at the World Championships in Osaka, Japan, last year, believes the sixteen-year-old record of 37.40, set at the Olympic Games in Barcelona, could be in danger.

“The world record can go for sure with two guys running 9.7 and we (Jamaica) have other athletes out there capable of running sub-10,” Powell told the Jamaica Observer on Tuesday.

“So we have a great chance of breaking the world record.”

Powell, who injured a chest muscle while lifting weights, has returned to training and he said he hasn’t “lost anything.”

Powell makes a good point, if both are healthy, who knows how fast they can go.

im telling you guys, watch out the if these guys are healthy the wr is for sure in doubt

Are they willing to practice exchanges? Bolt’s exchange in the Osaka relay was horrific.

Don’t wanna overdo that like they do in this country!!

never count the USA out especially if their handoffs don’t blow. (praying for Gatlin right about now lol)

Considering their history of blown hand-offs, it might be better to say of the USA, never count them in, no matter how fast their runners.

Except for that little thing called WR…

UK in '08, they’ll be the fastest people who don’t drop the stick.

JAAA has a chance if Asafa is back to his old form which I don’t think anyone knows right now.

Also dependent on how Bolt is handled the rest of the summer.

People have to remember USA is significantly deeper than Jamaca just due to overall size of their pool.

JA still has plenty of people in the 10.0 range

I know of Carter who has already run the relay with bolt and powell before and they got Frater.

Who else maybe one or two people that can run around high 10.0 or low 10.1, but thats not plenty.

I’m not sayin they cant beat the US, but they would have a better shot with more depth.

It’s not like the US is going to run a team of 10.0 guys who practice all the time. They’ll run the guys that make the 100m final almost regardless of what is necessarily the best relay. For that reason, I’m not sure the depth will matter so much because Jamaica can probably make it through easily w/o Bolt or Powell in the prelims and they’ll probably have as much practice as the US. Two 9.7s, maybe a 9,9, and a 10.0 is easily fast enough for WR–just getting the exchanges is the question.

hey i have a dumb question. Maybe not so dumb i’m not sure since it seems reasonable. Could’nt just the four fastest guys in the world get togther for a meet a brake the record?

They could, but they’re not going to. They’d need decent exchanges - not even four 9.7 runners could break the WR with bad exchanges. There were no slouches in Marsh, Burrell, Mitchell, Lewis, nor the other 37.40 team.

My ideal relay team would be:

  1. Usain Bolt
  2. Justin Gatlin (assuming he can still run and is allowed to - if not, then use Derrick Atkins)
  3. Tyson Gay
  4. Asafa Powell

Bolt & Gay on the curves since, and on the straights a couple of pretty fast guys.

Possibly, but all the practice I think sacrifices their individual performances!