Regeneration special at Black Star Labs

There is quite a bit of discussion here regarding post and rpe workout nutrition. Can you all just give a quick reply as of to which products you all use now and maybe why?

Kind of like:

PowerBars: convenience

Gatorade: taste, high carbs


Nature of the Sun Fish Oil [oil and caps (for traveling)] - cheap, quality product, high dose of EPA/DHA / serving

ZMA - feel better in the morning when I take it. Good to get required magnesium in my diet as well. Cheap too.

Grow! taste and very cheap now. Source of MRP right now, but looking into a formula from BSL shortly.

ON Whey/Dex/ON creatine - pwo - cheap,easy

Pre: Nothing. It is very cheap to eat a regular meal beforehand and I don’t want to take more than 3 meals a day from liquid.

During: Nothing. I don’t like having food in my stomach while I train.

Post: BSL Blend containing 45% Whey Conc, 50% Glucose, 2.5% Glucosamine, 2.5% MSM. I can alter the ratios based on the intensity of the workout and my current state of recovery. Right now I’m experimenting with 3grams of Beta-alanine in addition to this.

One great thing about BCAA’s and preworkout blends is that it makes drinking water easier…I killed the 8 glasses of water riddle a year ago and just allow athletes to drink one glass with meals and let the cocktails hydrate. BCAAs really help with during workouts…add in a little sodium and other electrolytes with galactose and you are rocking during the second part of the day.