Regarding football quickness and change of direction speed

how would i go about increasing this?i’m my teams start kickoff and punt returner and i would like to change direction faster decelerate fast and accelerate fast atm it takes me about 10 yards to get to the speed where i can evade tackles and if i evade 1 tackle i usually dont have the space to get back up to speed anyone know anything i can do?

Agility/change of direction is largely a function of core/relative strength. This also applies to decceleration strength, as well as the differnt methods of addressing eccentric strength.

The Parisi school has a video out on decceleration training, I have not seen it but I have the warm-up video and it is outstanding.

I agree with Jman, good point about the core conditioning and eccentric strength. Be careful with your volume when doing aagility training…never be lazy with the drills. If your form or intensity are being compromized end the workout. Ive seen to many injuries from lazy technique with aglity drills. I can think of a good drill of the top of my head though.

I’ll call it the Jay drill after me:

Get a partner to face off with, you start off having the ball as if returning a punt or kickoff. Your defensive man is facing you, on your go you try to evade the defensive man without getting touched. First your defender starts at 5 yards in front of you, then 10, then 15, and so on so you can develop your juke skills. Also, you can start off at one side of the field closer to the endline to pressure yourself more. If he touches you even with a finger, you lose, it will motivate you to have goat like stopping ability…lol. If you can’t find a partner jump your neighbors fence and juke the dogs! Seriously, hope it helps, Ciao

Take a look at the progression here - Pay particular attention to step 3.