Referring to CFTS

Every once in a while I refer back to CFTS for training ideas and perspective, and have always found the answer to most of my training questions.

Recently, with all the talk about strength endurance/core fitness, I came across this statement from CFTS:

“Specific core fitness has to be developed before it is possible to develop speed. If you try to develop speed you find that the shoulders and abdominal fatigue too quickly with the result that technique degrades.”

It is so easy to neglect the core by focusing on more advance alternatives…

Just my 2cents…


It is so easy to neglect the core by focusing on more advance alternatives…


I agree. I think we especially see it at the lower levels of training age. Athletes and coaches want to run fast and do all of the high speed training, but because of a lack of postural strength, they slouch, have low hips, and fatigue quickly.

Agreed. The majority of young athletes today (especially in team sports) lack sufficient core strength.

Yes, core fitness is tedious and appears to be non-specific to speed that I believe it’s easy for some athletes and coaches to neglect it.

personaly I think not enough people/coaches know how to develop core strengh. I have been to many circiut classes where the coach will give the athletes/students stupid ad incorrect cues, and will try to have the athletes do things that to hard to hold to soon which will make you want to stop doing the exercise.

Without the correct levals of core strengh you simply cant lift and hold your hips high enough for any lengh of time, you probably wont get them up at all!!!

Good points! Core work can be grueling enough on it’s own. The last thing you need is someone mucking it up.