Recurring Hamstring Problem

Alright, I’ve been having some on and off hamstring problems since mid December. I pulled it at one point and took a couple weeks off and it seemed to be back to normal but a week and a half ago i get like a weird sensation sometimes. I have been able to run with it but the night that I run I will feel the sensation if I say jump up 2 stairs.

I’m taking at least 1 week off right now and will be getting massages to hopefully get rid of this once and for all so I can get on with running. If anyone has any suggestions about anything please let me know because I have never experienced this type of problem before.

work with a PT an see if your glutes are firing as the main hip ext instead of your hamstrings, which may be the case. Its all about the glutes being the main hip ext

…also once i stopped pawing at the ground all ham problems ceased

Do you mean pawing as in having your foot land ahead of your body when you run. Because I’ve been trying to work on fixing that and my coach says it would definately agrevate my hamstring, but it’s only been the one side.

Alright, now I’ve figured out my problem. My hamstring is fine now, but since coming back my glute muscle(muscle under your ass right?) has been overcompensating and it’s that, that hurts. Are there any excercises I can do to restrengthen my hamstrings while not affecting my glute.

I don’t think the solution is to isolate your hamstring in training…see what everyone else thinks but i’d go toward something more functional in terms of movement where your nervous system can learn/re-learn the movement

If your hips are out of alignment you will have hamstring problems. Go to a chiro.

It’s not that it’s something like that, it’s the movement while I’m running, I tend to not extend very well due to lack of flexibility.

And prodigy do you think that I should maybe start running slower, like tempo pace so I could get my hamstring back into it without the stress of full speed running?

sort of off-topic but you are addressing the flexibility issues I assume ?

Regarding your idea of running slower, I like it. Keeping it simple is always good, it’s what I’d do but I’d definitely still do a functional hip extension and maybe some floor based (or maybe a tougher progression) hip raises or sb work for the hams. All speculation really though since my familiarity with your problem is limited to this post of a few sentences…good luck though I think things will sort out for you.

Things are feeling great. I had a message yesterday and have had absolutely no problems this week. I have another massage next week and then I’ll start running again next week. For the first time since December things are starting to look good for me.