Rectus Femoris Problems!

Lately some of our soccer players demonstrate pain in the ASIS region… I guess it is a little strain of rectus femoris.
I have kicked-out classical ab work and instead put more emphasis on isometrical holds (curl, side bridge etc). So maybe this is a reason, along with court change (from grass to dirt).

According to S. Sahrmann, rectus femoris strain happens when psoas is weak, so rectus work even more to compensate.

I introduced some of knee raises when seated with spine in neurtral and with 5kg plate on knee. I will even introduce knee/leg lifts in hanging positon.

Is there any input on this issues?

What about glutes/piriformis?

I’d try to check posterior chain first.

I agree. Watch out for trying to strengthen a problem area when the problem may well be exacerbated by the attempt to strengthen it!
Look for tight quads as well.

…if I may add…what may appear “weak” may only be inhibited. Assure that muscle is able to function optimally (or at all) before you “attempt” to strengthen it. You may only exacerbate the problem…piriformis, QF are great places to start…is it possible the discomfort at ASIS may be coming form the TFL and not the RF? :rolleyes:

We did a lot of glute work: Cook hip lift; bridging etc.
We also do a lot of RDLs…
Piriformis may be the issue because I couldn’t stretch it because we exercised on poor wheather and court (mud).
I was hoping to introduce foam rolling to adress tissue quality…

Also, a lot of shin splints appeared when we transfered from grass to dirt court due wheather.

I am still a begginer and I learn to observe :slight_smile:

Great thoughts guys! Thanks