recruting q

hey is it ok to send letters to schools saying i wanna play for the college and im interested and such. sort of like trying to recruit ur self cuz i read in a book ur supposed to do that too. can someone help me with this?

Yes. Showing a coach you are interested in the school will def. help.

send universities a resume

the first step is make a resume with your stats…progression…quotes from your coach…paragraph about your style of play your strengths etc.

coaches want to know right away if u can fit in with their system so u should personalize each resume to try and fit their system (DONT LIE) do some research about all the schools and yourself.

then if they ask for it or show any interest at all send them…

2 tapes:

tape 1- highlights of kobeflight8
tape 2- a full half and another of a full half (doesnt matter, first or second half) or if its a real good game send the whole game.

the first one is for show the second one is what coaches want to view. make sure u use a good editing program so u can edit it and keep it organized like title it with your jersey number/colour

u might be able to get everything on a dvd or something with todays technology.

get video taping.
get to work.
good luck.