hey ive heard to get recruited to a university or something for basketball, u needa try to recruit ur self. like send letters and video tape of u to them. how can i do this? im very confused about it. like how to get their address and what kind of letter to send. please help if u can

Start by going to the schools athletic webpage, find the coaches email and email him telling him about yourself.

kobe, what level does your coach think you can play?

If you’re good you’re going to get recruited, maybe not by a huge d1 school, but you’ll end up getting a scholarship somewhere. A lot of great players end up at smaller schools because they lack exposure. The best way to get exposure is by playing AAU or at least going to some exposure camps.
If that doesn’t work out for you talk to your HS coach, he should know the most about you personally. No one over the internet can tell you how to get recruited because no one has seen you play. You might be a terrific player, or you might suck, I have no idea, therefore I have no way to tell you how to get yourself recruited. One piece of advice I can give you is that you MUST focus as much on your schoolwork as you do on your game. If you and John Doe are at the same talent level, and John Doe has better grades, who is the college going to recruit?
Anyways, good luck. You’re only a 10th grader, don’t stress about it until after you’re 11th grade season, that’s when I got my first offer. I never received any mail at all until right before my junior year, and now (3 months after junior season) I’ve gotten tons of letters, phone calls, and even a few offers. I hope you do get a scholarship because judging by your posts you are dedicated. Again, good luck.