Hi, I am a 30 years old guy that tries to play basketball (playing in a basketball league) again after sitting a few years in front of a computer.
One of my major problems (besides that I am totally out of shape) is a very slow recovery.

Before anyone gets upset I want to mention that I read the other topics on the forum about recovery such as Post Workout Routine.

What I mean by slow recovery (and I always had this problem)?
I’ll try to describe this the best I can. It seems that I can run a little bit more than my other team-mates in terms of lungs and energy.
However, about an hour or so after any match I feel like a train hits me. I breathe very hard and I am totally tired. Is there a way of training that can prevent that?

Yesterday, I counted, I did almost 100 high-intensity sprints of about 20-30 meters (the other team beat us with 100-59) and then I felt so sick that I promised myself I will do something about it.

Any advice?

By the way, there was a 54 years guy in the other team that made me feel very old by comparison.
Thank you for your time!

Your level of general conditioning is poor so recovery will be slow. Increasing this may help you significantly.

Are you eating a high carb meal after you workout (within 45 minutes), and are getting enough water, or are you going out for beers with the boys?

I am going home as fast as I can expecting the train to hit me. As a matter of fact I do not eat but I drink water like there’s no tomorrow.

Tanks Herb and TC I’ll try to eat some carb to see if there’s any improvement.
For now, Merry Christmas and once again thanks!

Hey man, for sure, eat right after, try a protein mix shake as soon as you finnsih, whilst your still hot. Then 10min later or so, drink heaps of water like you have been doing.