Recovery between SE reps?

Just a quick question on rest intervals between SE reps. I recall CF stating rest intervals should be full recovery ( 20 minutes). I’ve found that after 20 minutes rest between reps that I’ve cooled down. What did CF athletes do during the rest interval? Stretch , massage , did they do a small warm up before the next rep?

I think from memory it was a shaking of legs, and some tempo runs. Will need to check CF’s books (pretty certain it is in the forum, but I will leave that up to the searching experts to find)

“For longer breaks you can put your flats on and walk/jog for 3 to 4 min then sit down or lie down while shaking the legs and doing the occasional easy stretch. For preparation for the next run put on spikes and you might do a couple of very easy 20 to 30m build-ups (not at rep pace)
For shorter breaks, at least loosen the spikes to keep up lower limb circulation.”

Later in the Training year, CF would have some in his large group (Advanced/Fastest) rest up to 25 min. in between reps.
Even later still, 40 min. i.e. 2 x 300

40 minutes between reps? Did they have therapy between reps?

this has been a concern here… what we’ve been doing is if there is a long rest, we get up and do a 50m buildup with skip back =100m… if the rest is 10 min, they have to do this 2 to three min before the next run…. if the rest is 15 min, we do it at around 7min, then again at 12 or so min…if its 20 min recovery we do it maybe three times at 7 or 8 min, again at 15 min…then again around 2 ’ before the next run….
the buildup starts at a jog and every step gets a little quicker til so they pass through gears gradually to a sub max speed near the end (maybe 85 percent), then skip back…. it’s actually a little more than 100m because you take maybe 15 to 20 after the buildup to ease down, then skip from there which ends up being more than 50m back… we’ve had no injuries…

There’s a place, either in the Vancouver download or CFTS (maybe both), where Charlie says not 20 minutes recovery period but 7-20 minutes for up to 4 reps, and this is for SE meaning speed endurance (80-150m) rather than special endurance. I think Charlie also said that Ben did 2X200 (which was actually 2X150 according one discussion on here) with 30 min.

But there’s also a discussion in the early part of Edmonton where Charlie talked about the fact that you can do the first 2 or 3 reps of a workout, with each one faster, and the longer rest break you can take, the faster you can go…and then he said “but you have to hold your warmup.” After hearing these comments, I started to specifically target the SE with long rest in training, but the “hold your warmup” thing is key. I find that sitting or laying around for more than 5 minutes is counterproductive, so I’ll lay down for 5 minutes, get up and walk around for 5 minutes, and so forth. But what it really seems to come down to is that the level of conditioning you achieve in GPP determines how long you can hold your warmup during training sessions, not other things like therapy. So the real gain you get from a good GPP comes from what you can do later, not right when you are doing it.

I did 3 x 250m hills wed gone. 38, 37 and 40 sec. Nasty hill. So special endurance. Still, 20min didn’t feel long enough. … wasn’t hard to stay warm between reps. Jogging was probably fast walking speed.