Recommendations w/ sprints & plyos using 5x5 DF program

I was wondering if anyone here could offer some recommendations for sprints and plyos that could be included with my 5x5 Dual Factor workout? I am about 6’2, 205 lbs, an experiencd hockey player who has used the 5x5 DF before with great results, thanks

I found this by searching for Dual Factor training.

“During a fatigue period (say, 3 weeks), you slowly build up fatigue, and never fully recover. Then you have a period of recovery (another 1-2 weeks) where you train with reduced frequency, volume, or intensity.”

This is pretty similar to the weight lifting routine of 3 weeks max strength and then 1 week recovery, referred to in the Forum Review. I don’t appreciate the words they use “build up fatigue”… if this were the case then you’d never be able to get in quality sprint sessions. For every sprint session, you have to be fresh and free of any muscular or neuro fatigue.

Try sprints before weights and 48 hrs between high intensity sessions.