Recommendations on training DVD/Videos ?

Not so sure if this fits in well here (no weird content!) but I figure alot more people look here than discussion suggestions.

Primarily I’m looking for something on Medicine Ball Training and I’m curious about JC Santana’s bodyweight traning series. Opinions ???

Also could we begin (I searched) a thread on training DVD/VHS recommendations (besides charlie’s stuff of course) ?

I got the urge today to pick up a few DVD’s to expand my knowledge and what I find is there is alot of DVD/VHS on the same topic…

Hopefully we can get some recommendations here to weed out the rubbish that is undoubtedly out there and save people $

Thanks !

Have you purchased Charlie’s GPP DVD?

And do you know the World Record Sale is going on until June 21, where you can get Charlie’s products for their best prices ever?

Check the store-

Tom , I have not…although I plan to in the future I am currently entering more of a specialized training phase with almost all of my clients so I was looking for some resources with fresh ideas / information to get me thinking.

Try also. They are a top notch outfit.

Thanks Rupert, I’m going to pick one or two DVD’s from Mike Boyle (developing lateral speed, functional training progressions) from PerformBetter but I’m up in the air about a medicine ball video…there’s a couple that caught my eye.

What kind of clients do you work with?


I work with children/youth, generally anywhere from 11-19 years old. When dealing with the slightly older clients I am primarily working with very competitive ice hockey players. From one perspective I’d be looking to apply any knowledge I gain into a gpp and/or specialized training phase for the demands of hockey and also just looking for some creative (and of course safe) ideas for my younger kids…innovative bodyweight exercises, maybe some light medicine ball work, fun stuff for speed/agility/ quickness etc…