reciever Question

Im in the tenth grade and i play wide receiver. i have a problem when going over the middle. if im running a drag or an in route i will always end up getting pushed down by a linebacker or colliding into them. it is very embarassing. i just dont want to look at the lb’s all the time and then the qb throws it and im not even looking. any tips, suggestions?

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I would run low to the ground so your center of gravity is better and you have better balance. And getting you legs stronger would help alot.

Once you make your break to the middle of the field read where the linebackers are at. Your depth on the route depends on how deep they play… If they are dropping back deep into coverage go underneath them; if they come up and bite say on a play action or something, go behind them. Once that is established, don’t even focus on the LB… look that ball into your hands and make the catch. It hurts alot less worse when you get hit if you catch the ball over the middle than if you dont and get blasted… haha, nah but really, it’ll take time to develop it. I am gonna be a freshman (grayshirt) wide reciever at a JC in NorCal in the fall, and I’m still learning. But when I was a sophomore I was still developing just like you are. You’ll learn it’ll take time, but keep practicing and do concentration drills with a distractor or somethin in the drill. Hope it helped out…

I forgot to mention also, first when you are running the stem part of the drag/in/dig, whatever you like to call it, you need to be watching not only upfield but lookin at the safteys/middle linebackers as they drop into coverage to determine your depth. Then once you cut you should be at good enough depth and be able to determine if you go underneath or behind.

Does any one else have any good receiver tips, pointers, or drills i could do to get better and keep in mind?
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