Recent workout Video

Took some long overdue video in the 7th & 8th weeks of the workout, quality of some is poor due to poor footing/lack of using tripod.

First video taken taken 01/21/2013:

Mixing things up a little using Isorobic Exercisor for first 3 of the block starts. Need to adjust IE down 1 adjustment, as timed runs were aproximatly 23% slower than non-resistance runs.

Also, had to stop workout after realizing that her constant stretching was not her trying to keep muscles warm, but due to pain in right quad, which is obvious in the video, before I edited it.
Was a cold 26 degrees F.

All other video taken 01/28/2013:

10m & 30m block starts. Unable to see start in blocks due to camera getting accidently moved.
Another cold 26 degree F day

300m run:
Video shows poor standing start, pushing off with rear leg first, stutter step, instead of with front leg. She didn’t believe me until seeing in the video, so now she will be more conscious of her standing starts.
Left hand is “limp”, this is something that comes from 6 years of playing Viola…her hand has been trained to be very relaxed and flexible. During cross country, her coach would tape her wrist to keep it straight.

200m run:
Another poor standing start, same problem as with start of above 300m.
Also, even after having 35 minute rest from previous 300m run, she still felt fatigued during the 200m run.