Receiver Gloves

Does anyone know a good (but cheap) product to get the palm side of the gloves sticky again after the stickiness is lost after a few games?

Ridiculous price for these mitts, so I don’t want to replace them all the time.

There was a thread about this a while ago I know, but I couldn’t find it with the search engine.

I’m looking more for a product type, rather than a brand name because I may not be able to find a specific USA brand in my country.

Some of them will regain their stickiness if you simply wash them using water and a mild detergent but check the label first. You can also buy a bottle of spray on sticky stuff, but I think that this is not legal in all leagues.

Thanks for the tip. I plan to use them for rugby (after an embarassing incident in a trial match yesterday when the wet ball popped out of my grip with the line metres in front of me). I don’t think there is a rule regarding use of spray on products for this sport, the only rule regarding handwear is that it must not completely cover the fingers (in other words, it helps with keeping a grip on the ball but not necessarily passing or catching in wet conditions).

Every time I see those type of (rugby) gloves I can’t but think that the fingertips are the key area of pressure when either catching OR holding something…

A friend of mine brought home a pair of Aussie Rules gloves and I think they are far more suitable - I’m convinced the fingertips are far more importnat than the maekers of those gloves think … thoughts D?

The thing is, it is illegal in rugby to wear gloves that cover the finger tips (I guess they don’t want players to get an advantage when throwing long pases in the rain or catching the ball - keeps the skill level up I guess? Anyway, the main thing I’ve noticed is that it helps you to keep a grip on the ball once you have already caught it. Sometimes if you try to keep a tighter grip on the ball and holding it against your body when it is pissing down with rain, it can do the opposite and make the ball pop out (being from the northern hemisphere you will be familiar with this).

By the way xlr8 and other football players: what do you think about using that spray on stuff which is used by tennis players to spray on their raquets? A guy recommended that to me to keep the gloves extra grippy, he says some people just spray the stuff straight onto their hands - make a difference? If it does, I will buy some and spray it onto my finger tips where they’re not covered by the gloves - to my knowledge they don’t have a rule against this in rugby.

… pissing rain ? - tell me about it …

I know PhysioSport brought out a powder some time ago to improve grip - I never tried it - might be worth a go …