Reale key....

What are the Real Key to Success
to building maximal-strength :confused:

wow you ask a lot of Q. on how to get Strong?
What does Reale mean though? :slight_smile:

Lift weights to get strong! Didnt you just read a Charles Poliquen book? If you cant get stronger without that…??
What is it you want to get strong for? Just to get strong? or For sprinting?

micronized creatine

protein and zma

Achieving the highest level of muscular tension possible.

Consistancy in the gym. Go lift weights and find out what works for you and then you won’t have to ask all these questions.

Watch this video and if you don’t understand what he’s saying, you may want to consider doing something else (harsh language warning).
I can’t get it to embed for some reason.

Jim Wendler on training and the internet

i suggest on a serious note, go interview a few local personal trainers, and find one that fits - not your budget but your goal - then work some overtime to pay for it and pay for lots of good food.
You got to pay to play in the world at times.