Real life implication of lacking arm movement

What are the real life implications of pumping the arms only up to nipple level and under while running full speed ? how much stride length can be potentially lost that way ?

Why does it happen other than lack of attention ?

THANKS coaches…


Might not make a HUGE difference… Charlie has talked about Tim having crappy arm carriage and still going 9.8… Of course, he was more consistent and ran faster when that was fixed, but still.

Is it supposed to be natural to bring to hand to eye level ? i have to really want to do it if i want it to go up there.

when i just try to run fast, it goes up to my chest…

Im sick of hearing athletes saying they should have ran this and that etc, shit i could have ran 10.3 if i didnt have to take shit and my back didnt slip mid way through my race.

Seriously stop thinking about silly stuff and just train and race, at your speed training and racing is gonna give you the biggest gains.

makes me feel goot

Silencer23 i am not upset at all i just think you could get better gains if you train and race at this stage of your development instead of wasting energy on small stuff.

X-Man has “shitty” arm carriage. Doesn’t hurt him too much.

Cool, now im relaxed :slight_smile:
sorry if i ask too many questions… just trying to learn the sport…

i agree with tamfb on this one in that you need to shut the brain off and run meets. i know you want to get faster and you want to do so by learning more, which i think is great, but i think you are at the point where you are letting the truley trival things get in the way. i can say this from experience.

btw, good time for your first meet ever with negative wind and a bad lean. with that said, the time still goes down as an 11.8. hopefully you get some good wind and weather and lean at the right line and the result will be a much faster 100.

best of luck and keep me updated.


Thank you at least someone agree with me, like I tell my athletes all the time “its time to nut up”. That means to get crazy and violent and don’t think about nothing but destroying the runner next to you!!