Real Life: 30 players strength training in 2h 3x/w!!

How can I organize strength training program for 30 advanced soccer players with no or with low strength training experience in just 2h, 3x/w and with one squat rack (and hopefully 3 Oly bars)?

I am thinking on this:

(block of 20 mins-- staggered groups of 10 players). BTW they are soccer players.

  1. Warm-up
  2. Squat (teaching) + Pull Ups
  3. Split squats + Plate press (vertical)
  4. SL squats + ankle work (DB dorsiflexion, SL toe-ups)


  1. Warm-up
  2. Dead Lift (teaching demanding) + Push-ups (elevated) (or even bench)
  3. Supported rowing (on Smith) + Lateral Split squats
  4. Posterior Chain (RDLs, SL Bridges…) + ankle work (DB dorsiflexion, SL toe-ups)

2 hours is a lot of time. I only wish I had that much time. I have about the same amount of athletes, and a similar number of bars.

When it seems like you have a lot of them standing around, give them meaningless thigns to do like crunches push-ups or stability stuff (without equipment). NumberTwo gave me that advice and it helps a lot.

I found that 4 players per bar is the most that works. 3 is better.

I took all my teams through what I call the power clean progression complex. The video is a quick job and shouldn’t be used as a visual guide for technique. The dialogue is from the NSCA Essentials of Strength & Conditioning. I used Wayne Wilson’s complex (Clean-grip Deadlift, Hang Clean, Front Squat, PowerPress [in season], Jerk [off season]; with Al Vermeil’s protocols (5x5 at 50% body weight males, 40% bw females). Al may have his athletes do less, but I can’t quite recall off the top of my head.

After this we would do 300-500 reps of abs with medballs.

Start them off light and make sure they get going right away or they will get bored. By starting off light, it gives you time to correct technique before weight becomes an issue. Within 3 sessions after the finishing the PCPC (took from mid Sept to mid Dec), my men’s volleyball team was powercleaning an average of 80 kilos. Decent for being mid season and over 6’3" for the most part. This was with one practice per week. In the offseason things will be different of course.

Thanks Herb!
Are you suggesting doing complexes only?

Not making any suggestions. Just letting you know what I am doing with my athletes.

Once they have learned the power clean, a practice might look something like this in the off season:

-speed work
-explosive medball work
-weights: Power Clean, Squat, Bench, and then apple pie work, which is working on biceps triceps and all the stuff that makes them look good on the beach, but doesn’t always translate well onto the field or court.
-Core Work. 300-500 reps

In season:

-Team practice (technical or tactical practice for whatever sport they play)
-Weights: Power Clean, Squats (or Deadlifts), Bench, followed by a couple easy lifts.
-Core work 300-500 reps.

Thanks Herb!

I found a solution, and called it Vertical Organization. This is very influenced by Michael Boyle’s ideas.
You must verticaly check requrements needed, like coaching involvement, space, bars, plates, mats etc, etc…

Any critiques welcome! :slight_smile:
Thanks for your help guys

How is your sessions working out so far?

As they learned squat and stuff, I started coaching some other lifts, like RDL, bench, press, deadlift one lift at a time. Once their form was ok I let them lift with a assistance coach and I started teaching them the Olys.
Now the stuff looks something like this
Block A. Olys
Block B.
B2. Bench
B3. Bulgarians
B4. Row

Thanks for asking…