Reactive Power Training log


830-930 Agilitys

10:15-calf iso
3x10-30 sec hold at 10th rep-normal
3x10-30 sec hold at 10th rep-out
3x10-30 sec hold at 10th rep-in

10:30-lifting routine(shown below)

3 x up/back 150lb+sled

5x2 reps squating
160-8 reps
250-2 reps
260-2 reps
260-2 reps
260-2 reps

GHR 4x8
10lb-8 reps
20lb-8 reps
20lb-8 reps
20lb-8 reps

Reverse Hypers
8 rep-400lb
8 rep-400lb
8 rep-400lb
8 rep-400lb

Leg Press(cool down-reactive strength)

145x10 reps
145x10 reps
145x10 reps
145x10 reps

Later tonight-ab swing
4x20- but put ankle weights on it now to add more resistance


100 shots in morning


5x3 reps close bench bress 3 sets with 35 each side
2 sets with 40 each side

tricep ext
6x5-8 reps

single arm dumbell press
30lb 4x10 L,R

70lb 4x6 reps

in between exercies i made up an ab circuit


morning agilitys

calf iso
3xnormal-30sec hold on 10th rep
3xout-30sec hold on 10th rep
3xin-30sec hold on 10th rep

Pistol Squats

I love pistol squats there extemly hard, probally hardest bw exercise out there


reactive upper

bench 60-70 precnt ax
8x3 reps of

dbell tricep ext 6-8 sets of 8 reps 45lb

pushdowns 3x10 at 75lbs

rear delt raises 15lbs 3x10

dumbell rows
5x 8reps
40lb each hand

my ab circuit 2x
leg raises 20
pull down 20 reps 100lb
ab dolley 10 reps
ab side leg raises 10,10

This is todays workout ill post what weights on each lift was underneath

morning j-rope


Calf Iso (vertical power company workout)

50 rep rythm squats

8x2 2 reps in 2 mins (50-60 percent of max) box squat

5 reps x 3 sets of explosive hip jumps

Pull throughs 4x10

5 reps x 4 sets squat ½ down 50 percent weight then immediately jump 5 hurdles

bike for few mins to cool down