RB34 Comeback Program Part 2

Are you sure about 10.00, maybe 10.3??? Maybe if I got my bodyfat to 6%. :slight_smile:

You REALLY think you maxed out your genetics?

I think with my body type etc 10.3 would be the limit.

I forgot, we got solar flares coming our way too!


John Smith once said the only thing we can’t measure is a mans will power. He then when on to say that a mans will power can cause a man to do extraordinary things.

Warmup A
Rest 5mins
Core 200x

Tough session on Thursday then catching a 6am flight to South Carolina Friday morning, won’t have much time to train this weekend but I will try and get a 15min jog or bike ride Saturday night.

I’m goin for the gold
My heart is in control my mind is on succeed and I am in the lead
Don’t buy into the schemes
The science or stratege

Warmup C+acc ladder
2x40 face/push
stadium pogo 2x20
3x40 overspeed
height x5
squat 3x2x325
bp 3x3x225
reactive height x5
core 100x

Fri-Sun: Travel

Week 8:
Warmup C
8x100+pushups x8
core 100x

Warmup A
10-15x10 easy accels
p skips h/d 2x8
ohb x5
pc 5x2x225+5x2x205 rest 45sec
sq 3x2x325
bp 4x3x245
blf x5
core 100x

Warmup C
5x100 rest 45/3min
100+2x200 walk 200
core 200x

Warmup A+acc ladder
2x30 facedown
3x120 rest 8mins
p skips d 2x8
ohb x3
hs 4x2x115
sq 2x2x335-365
bp 2x3x245
blf x3
core 100x


I will train on Saturday, take Sun-Mon off because I have to travel. I didn’t race this week because the meet was lame; next meet is next Sat.

What was so lame about the meet?

How did you go about the overspeed work? I’m playing around with the idea of implementing it sparingly to keep from hitting a wall in my flying sprints progression. Do you think it could serve that purpose?

I used the ole school bungee cords from perform better. I towed my partner for 30m rest 3mins then performed the overspeed portion for 40m. When I was towing my partner I was only going half speed because that wasn’t the focus. Another reason why I did the overspeed session was I needed a strong stimulus since I was taking three days off.

Warmup C+acc ladder
2x30 facedown
2x60 3pt
stadium pogo 2x20
vertmax jumps 4x10
core 100x

Was gonna do weights and throws but the gym was closed. Catching a flight tonight at 745pm!!!

Week 9:
Sun-Mon: Travel

Tue: hamstring!!
Warmup C+acc ladder
4x30 95%
ohb x5
bp 54321+vertmax 2x10
blf x5
core 100x

Warmup A
core 200x

Thur: REST

Warmup C
pogo x15
4x20 (2 face-pushup/2 3pt)
bp 2x1x275
core 100x

Felt SLOW all week!!!





Ok guys, my season is finally over and I have learned a lot this season. Some how I fill like I didn’t reach my full potential because of poor decision making and 6 hamstring injuries. If all go well over the next 4 weeks I will return for another season, which may be my last. The plan is to take 2 weeks off follow by 2 weeks of active rest (light weights, jogging and kettlebell circuits).

Results: 07-24-10
100: 11.03 with wind
Somehow I ended up in the wrong heat and raced against 15-16yr kids. Not sure if it was the competition or Friday workout, I don’t understand why my time was off.??

Sun-Mon: REST

Results: 07-27-10
100: 10.83
Heat Index 100 degrees and a major fuck up, I never can catch a break. :mad: We had to run the 100 twice within 15mins because the timing sensor failed for our heat, my friend who was watching said my first race was fucking awesome but I wasn’t able to recover within 15mins and I totally failed apart the last 10-15meters.

Things I need to achieve this fall training period:

1: Increase weight room strength.

2: Cont to develop general fitness.

3: Intro spec end 1/2 ASAP, this work will start in week 1 of SPP.

July 29:
Thur: I torched for several days…
bp work up to 275

The plan is to start unstructured training this weekend.

how long you taking off

14-18 days jack shit
14 days easy training - 3x10 - traditional cardio etc.

I took a week off then I played flag foot ball on a saturday, ten I took 3 more days off. I started doing some light tempo and it upperbody. Ima stay away from legs for another week.

6 hamstring injuries! Yikes…

Yea, that’s what I do to stay fresh, as soon as I feel depressed or tired I back off for a week and just do tempo and med-ball work.