Rays Training Program --> Summer 2006

I spend enough time looking at other peoples training journals I figured I’d start my own.

A little about me:

I play receiver for the SFU Clan
6 feet tall
186 pounds

During the season and off season while at SFU I train wih Derek Hansen

Now that I am home in Vernon BC I am training an few times a week with Herb in Kelowna. The days that I’m not in Kelowna I train with some fellow team mates in Vernon at BreakAway Fitness.

[SIZE=6]Saturday May 27[/SIZE]

Warm-up Skipping

4 x 1min


Primary Lifts

Close Grip Bench Press:
6 185 lbs
4 210 lbs
3 215 lbs
2 225 lbs

Front Squat:
6 190 lbs
4 210 lbs
2 225 lbs

Secondary Lifts

DB Shoulder press
8 50 lbs
8 50 lbs
8 55 lbs
8 60 lbs

Lat Chin-ups
8 body weight
8 body weight
8 body weight
8 body weight

(The gym closes at 5 on saturday so we had to cut the workout a little short)

Finished off with core

10 different workouts 35s each w/17 lb med ball

Sunday May 28


4 sets 3 x 100m
total: 1200m

50m walk between reps, 100m walk between sets

easy tempo, but nice for a sunday afternoon

What is this? You actually did a tempo workout!?! :smiley:

hey hey…i’ve done them before I just didn’t realize how good they actually were until you told me

Monday May 29

Today was sprint training and primary lift day

Warm Up

  • 2 laps
  • Stretching
  • 4 Tempos
  • Dynamic Stretch, Leg Swings
  • 3 Accelerations (3 min rest in //)


4 x 30m (Falling Starts)
3 x 30m (Push Up Starts)
3 x 40m (3-Point Starts)

3-4min rest in// 30s
4-5min rest in// 40s

Just for fun we we marked off 40 yrds when we ran the 40m and timed the 40 yrd just to set a bench mark b/c this is the distance that we are tested at. My best time was 4.55

Primary Lifts

Bench Press:
6 200 lbs
5 205 lbs
5 210 lbs
4 220 lbs

Back Squat:
6 225 lbs
5 235 lbs
5 235 lbs
4 245 lbs

Lately I have been really focusing on my squat to get it to be stronger…tooo weak right now

10 different exercises 40s each w/ 6 lb med ball

Tomorrow will be secondary lifts, core w/ 17lb med ball, and a tempo workout in the evening

Tuesday May 30

Today was just Secondary Lift day, with some good ol apple pie and some core. I was gonna do Tempo but my legs were sore from laying tile all day. I’ll do the Tempo on Thursday.

Secondary Lifts

DB Incline:
10 55 lbs
10 60 lbs
8 70 lbs
8 70 lbs

Lat Pull Downs:
10 Body Weight
10 Body Weight
8 Body Weight + 5
8 Body Weight + 10

10, 10, 8, 8
I did these holding my 17 lb MedBall b/h my head

[SIZE=3]Apple Pie[/SIZE]

Preacher Chair DB Arm Curls:
10 25 lbs
10 25 lbs
8 30 lbs
8 30 lbs

Tricep Pull Downs:
10 100
10 110
8 120
8 130

10 different Exersises, 35s each w/ 17lb MedBall

Vonderful Day I would say :D…Tomorrow is speed training and PRIMARY LIFTS

Tempo’s much easier with headphones on to;)