Ramadan-Fasting Athletes

Has anyone here coached athletes of Islamic/muslim failth who observe this month of fasting?
What advice would you offer them regarding strategies on eating/training so they don’t lose all the gains they have worked hard for over the summer.
I have a track athlete who will be observing this who has put on about 12 pounds of muscle over the summer. He will be training at night (lifting) and not begin running until mid october.

How can anybody train Well and improve when not eating or training or sleeping correctly??
I would not get them to try to improve in anything at all. “try” to maintain what they have would be hard enough.
I know poeple that do it here, and im baffeled why something that was invented Yrs and Yrs ago in a culture totally diff to todays fast paced lifestyle that includes Work, bills and other commitments that were not around way back then is still so regularly enforced?? People start to look sick, unhealthy, withdrawn and depressed. Employers cant be too keen on it either? Particularly if they are using machinery and equipment that could cause serious harm if one is not concentrating due to it.
i could bet, if you look into it, way back when, everybody would have had the entire Month off from doing Anything… so really, they are still not doing it correctly. So really, maybe your guy should take the entire month off?? Or not bother with it and continue on as normal.

wow, i bet this thread could open up a can off back n forth crap

From 2nd hand discussions with coaches

They trained at night, and there training was amazing due to it being ramadan.

The coach didn’t know what to expect and had not planned any hard sessions, but they turned out to harder then what he thought they could do.