Ralph Mann Software or alternative

Hi, just wondered what everyone (if you do) uses for biomechanical analysis?

Ralph Mann’s work “Compusport” appears to be unavailable to purchase or use, is that right? Or does anyone know of an alternative with pre-positioned tools for optimal technique.

I do highly feel that Gatlins continued success is partly due to the work of Mann

My views on Mann have changed to a lot to paralysis by analysis and false ideals. That is not to deny that he does bring up a lot of valid and interesting data. But he’s basically trying to act like he’s reinvented the wheel though with his “golden positions”, the robot, and all that. In my honest opinion, you’re better off getting this book https://www.charliefrancis.com/products/race-dynamics-and-sprint-techniques and if you already have it, then I suggest reviewing it along with any of CF’s videos where he is providing instruction. One time when asked about what tools Charlie used to analyze technique I remember he said something along the lines of “I use these special tools called eyes”.

Yeah, I agree with Brett.

I think once you “tell” the athlete about what you the coach might want, as you say " the golden position(s)" ( leave that for the bedroom right? ;)…, the athlete starts to THINK.

“THINKING” as Brett has pointed out is what we all know to be “paralysis by analysis” and the kiss of death for learning how to become a more proficient sprinter.

Technology for training really can be pretty exciting( FB, social, Insta…etc) … but all that is icing on the cake once the old school stuff is covered IMHO.

I have almost zero photos, video or much of anything on record of all the years I trained. Charlie used to take a bunch of photos but decided it all took too much time away from his watching.[/b]

And now for shameless plug here but can’t keep the key concept books on the shelf for how people buy them now. ( note these are e-books so there are no physical books ( yet) and there are no “shelves”. LOL.

These short and to the point books ( which come from the large book we used to sell called “Key Concepts” really get to the point and make it easier for people to break it down and understand what to look for and think about with regards to their own training or training others.

yeah don’t get me wrong, I do have all of charlies materiel already and have scruitinezed these forums nice I joined on the old forum in 2001, including the key concepts books etc

However, I rate the work of Mann and his golden positions and just wondered if anyone had or kew a way to obtain biomechanics overlay for use.

Take a sample of ten sub 10 sprinters, they all have varied biomechanics. Mann’s model with with some and not for others.