Raise testosterone levels

Is Viagra banned? Is this a good supplement for a track athlete or powerlifter?

:sing::clap::):smiley: This made my morning!

If that did then how bout this??


I dont think its banned though?

Other lifters won’t ask you for a ‘spot’ in the warm-up room.

I do not want to be thinking about this when I bench next - its askin for an injury lol



viagra doesnt raise test levels at all. how it works is by dialating the blood vessels around “your fun stuff” and helps blood flow. it in no way increases your desire to have sex only helps with the process of…well you know. you could take 100mg viagra and not feel any different at all, and unless you tried to errrrrrrr well you know, youd never even know you took it.

oh man…lol r u sure


nightmare is correct! why don’t you maximize you speed naturally first. once you have ran fast times start adding supplements if you want. if i remember correctly, you deliver pizzas which can’t bring in a lot of money. i would recommend following charlies training manual and use money for therapy. in your situation, therapy will be more benefitial than all of those supplements. supplements won’t keep you healthy!!

I used to delivery pizza’s… Now im a student trying to finish up my degree at 24. I am hoping to receive alot of scholarships, loans and grants to have money to train. So far it looks very promising. My mother has also agreed to help me which in the end will make the biggest difference. As far as therapy I havent found anyone good in the richmond area yet. I use the whirlpool which I have complete faith in. Which is free at school here. Also I plan to continue to train when I teach gym at a school in Va in the future.

are you not in boston anymore?

Funny you asked that. I am exactly moving to richmond, Va tommorrow. Depending on weather its snowing right now…:frowning:

Originally posted by mj
if i remember correctly, you deliver pizzas which can’t bring in a lot of money.

Come on mj… lateral thinking… Pizza delivery, eiffel tower in the trousers… all we need is the 70s disco soundtrack and film crew and Tim’s in the money. Clemson could distribute. :sing:

Please, no vid clips of Tim smuggling a midget and delivering pizza…:smiley:

This could definately cause problems in the relay -
Grab the wrong baton and a DQ would be the last of ur worries lol

LOL This is, I think, the funniest thread to date. What will our Tim supplement with next? The mind boggles.

Tim - whatever about improving your performance, imagine the incentive you are providing fellow competitors with the thought of you chasing them down with a [ahem…you know what] coming at them!

Wouldnt Viagra make me the man in va then.


Just to note. I wont be looking at anyones backside during the race.

if your taking viagra, i don’t want to be in front of you!:smiley:

I wont look at anyones backside during the race I already told you!!! Unless its really cute. ;)…:sing: