Radcliffe Loss Down To Magnesium Deficiency

EDINBURGH, Dec 12 (AFP) - Paul Radcliffe expects thegoing to be tough in Sunday’s European Cross Countrychampionships where she will start as the form expertsand peoples’ favourite.
I think it's one of the most competitive EuropeanChampionships so far,'' said Radcliffe who in Londonlast April set the fastest ever time for a woman'smarathon. The British long distance phenomenon lines up atHolyrood Park hoping to draw a line under her surprisingdefeat when she came in third in her leg in last month'sChiba International Ekiden in Japan. I’ve had blood tests and they showed I was sufferingfrom low magnesium in my body,’’ said the 1995 Europeancross country champion.
I've never had problems with it before. But it'squite vital. You need it to metabolise your energy andget rid of lactic acid.'' Radcliffe's main opposition comes from ElvanAbeylegesse, the Ethiopian-born now competing for Turkeywho took bronze last year. Abeylegesse's manager Jos Hermens said: She nowknows what she is capable of. I’m not going to say shewill beat Paula Radcliffe, who must start as everyone’sfavourite, she’s such a great athlete.
``I know she is determined to run well and if she canhang on, who knows what can happen - although I muststress Paula is favourite.’’
Another danger is Ireland’s Sonia O’Sullivan, seekingto follow up her 1998 triumph.

Maybe Radcliffe should try some ZMA.

She does train VERY hard…this was bound to happen.

There is also another contributing physiological factor that is influencing her Mag defecency.

I’d say “She doesn’t eat … this was bound to happen” instead :smiley: :smiley:

But it’s quite vital. You need it to metabolise your energy and get rid of lactic acid.’’

She shouldn’t worry about getting rid of latic acid. Her body is stocked upon creatine (not monohydrate) on the day of her run. That is one of her big secrets you know. :wink: